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[The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of CQUPT] CQUPT Holds the Opening Ceremony of Its History Exhibition Hall
Time: 2020-10-13   

On the morning of October 13th, the opening ceremony of CQUPT HistoryExhibition Hallwas held in the hall of Shaw Science and Technology Building on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of CQUPT. SecretaryLi Li of CQUPT Party Committee, President Gao Xinbo, the former leaders Zhang Yunhua, Li Wencheng, NieNeng, Xu Zhongwei and Li Yinguo, some retired teachers, and representatives of teachers and students attended the opening ceremony.

Delivering the speech at the opening ceremony, Li Lin, on behalf of the Party and Government of CQUPT, expressed high respect to all itsformer leaders, comrades, teachers and students who have contributed to its construction and development. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to all sectors of the society who have been concerned about and supported its construction and development! Li Lin pointed out that the construction and upgrading of CQUPTHistory Exhibition Hall would be an important measure to look back on the road they had traveled, compare others’ roads and look forward to the road ahead, that it would be an important measure to build the common memory of CQUPTers, condense their cultural consensus, and build their cultural self-confidence, and that it would be also an important measure for the university to implement the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people, and to give full play to the function of the university’s history and emotion education.

At the opening ceremony, Gao Xinbo and NieNeng unveiled the commemorative Holding on Original Aspiration, Advancing in Global i-Era—Atlas of CQUPT(1950-2020). Li Lin and Zhang Yunhua opened the Cloud CQUPT History Exhibition Hall online. Li Lin, Gao Xinbo, Fu Mingqiu, and the former leaders Zhang Yunhua, Li Wencheng, NieNeng, Xu Zhongweiand Li Yinguo witnessed the opening of CQUPT History Exhibition Hall, and visited the hall with the teachers and students present.

The upgrading project of the exhibition hall lasted more than half a year. Now it consists of seven exhibition halls, includingPreface Hall, Communication History Hall, History EvolutionHall, Prosperous Times Hall, Scholar Hall, Schools’ Tour and Alumni Garden. The building area of the exhibition hall is about 1,000 square meters. It is composed of more than 120 display boards, more than 20 display cabinets and boxes, 6 electronic display screens, 2 sculptures, and nearly 3,000 photos and series related to the development of CQUPT. The upgrading and transformation of the exhibition hall highlights the red gene of the university, and the status and role of the former generation of CQUPTers such as GuoChangbo in its development, the leading role of the party building in its work, and the platform role of CQUPT history Exhibition Hall in carrying out the education of loving the party, patriotism and the university, reflecting itsuniversity-running characteristics, and its role in the development of posts and telecommunications industry and economic society.


Leaders attending the ceremony witnessed the opening of CQUPT History Exhibition Hall.



Leaders, teachers and students attending the opening ceremony visited CQUPT History Exhibition Hall.