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CQUPT Holds a Press Conference on Exhibition of Teaching and Scientific Research Achievements for the 70th Anniversary of ItsFounding
Time: 2020-10-10   

On October 10th, 2020, the press conference onthe exhibition of teaching and scientific research achievements forthe 70th anniversary of its founding was held in its library. CQUPT’s Secretary Li Linof the Party Committee, PresidentGao Xinbo, Vice PresidentFu Mingqiu, Assistant-to-PresidentLi Xiaoyong(on a temporary basis),responsible persons of relevant functional departments, schools/research institutes, and representatives of teachers and students attended the conference. Fu Mingqiu presided over the conference.

At the press conference, Li Xiaoyong read out the list of selected outstanding journal paper writers and authors of 100 works; Li Lin, on behalf of CQUPT, presented certificates to the representatives of the writers and authors. Professor Zhang Yi from School ofCommunication and Professor Liu Yu from School of Optoelectronics made speeches as representatives of teachers. Combined with personal teaching and scientific research work, they summarized their achievements, experiences and mental process since their teaching.

In his concluding speech, Gao Xinbo reviewed the work and achievements of CQUPT in the past ten years in the aspects of undergraduate teaching, postgraduate education, scientific research,and academic journals. He pointed out that several generations of CQUPTers have adhered to the university-running policy of "being based on the information industry and serving the local economy", aimed at the national strategic needs based on the regional development and construction, and taken solving the major practical and theoretical problems in the development of the information and communication industry and the economic and social development of the Western Region as an important mission, thus having laid an important strategic position in the pattern of China's electronic and information universities. Gao Xinbo called that on the 70th anniversary of the founding of CQUPT, all teachers and students should do a good job in the construction of "one place and two highlands", "digital industrialization and industrial digital innovation", and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of building a world-class discipline!

After the conference,the leaders and participants visited the exhibition of teaching and scientific research achievements forthe 70th anniversary of the founding of CQUPT.