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CQUPT Holds a Grand Opening Ceremony of 2020 Freshmen
Time: 2020-09-20   

     The golden autumn brings warmth and orange osmanthus give out fragrance. The opening ceremony of 2020 freshmen of CQUPT was solemnly held in Taiji Stadium on the morning of September 19th, 2020. 5,442 undergraduates, 1,920 postgraduates, 60 doctoral students and 121 international students from 39 countries and regions became freshmen.

     Li Lin, secretary of CQUPT’s Party Committee; President Gao Xinbo; Vice Presidents Fu Mingqiu, LV Yi, and Chen Qianbin; Tao Yuxiang, secretary of CQUPT’s Discipline Inspection Commission; Assistant President Li Xiaoyong (temporary), the former leaders Nie Neng and Xu Zhongwei; principal leaders of relevant functional departments and schools, representatives of domestic and foreign teachers and students were seated on the rostrum. You Minhui, deputy secretary of CQUPT’s Party Committee, presided over the opening ceremony.

     At 8:00, the opening ceremony was officially held in the ceremony of playing the national anthem and raising the national flag.

     At the ceremony, Li Lin presented awards to the advanced collective and individual representatives who won the 8th “May 4th Star” of our university. At the same time, the presider invited the award-winning representative, freshmen’s representative, teachers’ representative and Luo Xiaoqing, head nurse of Respiratory Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, to speak on the stage.

     In the process of wearing the university emblems, the school leaders wore them for the freshmen’s representatives, and all the freshmen who attended the ceremony wore their own emblems on site.

     President Gao Xinbo delivered a speech entitled “Each Has Its Own Beauty and All Share Each Other’s” on behalf of the whole faculty and staff of CQUPT, which is known as the birthplace of China’s digital communication technology and the cradle of China’s information and communication talents.

     “This is a generation whose time has come and there is a long way for them to go.” Gao Xinbo said that as a student of CQUPT who is at the forefront of the information age, the decades from enrollment to graduation to making contributions to the society would coincide with the process of realizing the “Two Centenary” goals of our country and the tide of the information revolution. Gao Xinbo’s message was that 2020 freshmen would be accompanied by youth, march on the waves, move from good to better to best, and truly grow into pillars who could shoulder the heavy task of national rejuvenation!

     At the end of the opening ceremony, all the teachers and students sang the song “Singing the Motherland” to express CQUPTers’ love of the great motherland in the new era!


National flag raising ceremony held at the opening ceremony (Photo by Reporter Ma Yunshu)


President Gao Xinbo delivered a speech (Photo by Reporter He Jiahao)


Cui Liheng, a graduate from School of Communication and Information Engineering, Ren Yixi a undergraduate from School of Optoelectronic Engineering, and International Student Yun Lin as freshmen’s representatives spoke during the opening ceremony. (Photo by Reporter Liao Jia)


The opening ceremony of 2020 freshmen (Photo by Reporter Cui Zhenxin)