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Electronic Information Engineering of CQUPT Has Passed the Professional Certification of Engineering Education
Time: 2020-07-04   

CQUPT News (Provided by Division of Teaching Affairs and edited by Ao Yongchun) Recently, China Engineering Education Professional Certification Association released the conclusion of Engineering Education Accreditation in 2019, and 402 specialties in colleges and universities across the country have passed the certification. The major Electronic and Information Engineering of School of Communication of our university has passed the National Engineering Education Professional Certification through the procedures of application, university self-evaluation, on-site inspection of expert group, deliberation of the sub-committee and deliberation of Certification Conclusion Review Committee, with the validity period from January 2020 to December 2025. Electronic Information Engineering is also the fourth major that has successfully passed the national engineering education certification after the major of communication engineering, automation, measurement and control technology and instrument.

Through the professional certification, it marks that the professional quality has realized the international substantial equivalence, and has entered the “first square array” of global engineering education. Graduates who have passed the certification program will enjoy the same treatment as the local graduates when they apply for the engineer qualification or graduate degree in the countries and regions related to the Washington Agreement, which provides an international unified “pass” for Chinese engineering students to go to the world. At the same time, the certification results are highly authoritative in the industry and enterprises, and enjoy different degrees of exemption and preferential treatment in the qualification examination or ability evaluation of engineers in some industries.

Engineering education professional certification is an important measure to deepen the reform of engineering education in colleges and universities in China, and it is also an important starting point to vigorously promote the construction of “new engineering courses”. Our university vigorously promotes the professional certification of engineering education, takes the opportunity of engineering education professional certification, strengthens the development of professional connotation, guides the specialty construction with professional certification, strives to improve the first-class specialty, and continuously cultivates the first-class talents. In the revision of 2020 undergraduate talent training plan, the university has implemented the basic concepts of “student-centered”, “output oriented” and “continuous improvement” advocated by engineering education professional certification into the talent training system. At present, our university has made certain achievements in its professional certification work. Except for four specialties, the certification of computer science and technology, microelectronics science and engineering, and software engineering has entered the stage of submitting self-evaluation reports. With the vigorous development of professional certification, the university will continue to deepen the construction and reform of specialty, give full play to the leading and exemplary role of certification major, further promote the concept and standard of engineering education professional certification to non-engineering majors, and comprehensively improve the professional construction level and talent training quality.