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The First SCI Impact Factor of Digital Communications and Networks (English) Sponsored by CQUPTIs 5.382, Which Ranks in JCR Q1 Area
Time: 2020-06-30   

CQUPT News (Provided by Periodical Agency and edited by Ao Yongchun) On June 29th, 2020, Kerui Weian released the periodical citation report of 2019. The first SCI impact factor of the journal Digital Communications and Networks (DCN) sponsored by our university is 5.382, ranking in JCR Q1 area. It has been included in “The Most Influential Academic Journals in China” for two years, which is another milestone of important academic achievement.

Facing the rapid iterative updating of information and communication technology in the world, DCN relies on the advantages and influence of CQUPT in the field of information science and technology, closely follows the forefront of academic research, devotes itself to reporting the latest achievements of academic research in the field of information and communication, and actively builds an academic exchange platform at home and abroad to serve the innovation and prosperity of information technology. In recent years, with the strong support of our university, the hard work of the editorial committee team, and the extensive attention of the majority of authors and readers, DCN has firmly grasped the latest research directions and hot spots, strictly implemented the academic publishing standards, continuously innovated and opened up communication channels, and continuously enhanced its international academic influence, having made positive contributions to the construction of “Double First-class” of our university.

In the future, DCN will benchmark the national goal of building world-class scientific and technological journals, further improve the quality and level of running journals, promote scientific and technological innovation in the field of information and communication technology, actively practice and advocate writing papers on the motherland, so as to better serve the national and local scientific and technological innovation and development.


This is the cover of the journal DCN sponsored by our university. (Photo by Periodical Agency)


The first impact factor of DCN is 5.382. (Photo by Periodical Agency)