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【The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the University】International College Holds Overseas Alumni Exchange
Time: 2020-06-30   

CQUPT News (Provided by International College and Edited by Ao Yongchun) In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the university, show the style of overseas alumni and broaden students’ horizons, International College, after its active preparations, held an online forum on the exchange of alumni from Shanghai on the morning of June 30, having invitedfour outstanding alumni Dr.Isma Hamid from Pakistan, Ms. Ding Shiqiu from Vietnam, and Ms. Zhou Shang and Mr. Yu Yuein the United States to make speeches on “My Alma Mater and Me”.

Dr. Isma Hamid, assistant professor of Pakistan National Textile University, first shared his research experience as an overseas doctoral student in CQUPT. He introduced the use of resources of the Library of CQUPT, and the experience of how to create a broad academic road in the aspects of organizing and participating in the scientific research activities of the laboratory, having made full use of the academic journal resources and knowledge base, and obtaining the research funding.

   Ms. Ding Shiqiu, general manager of Vietnam Dingding Trade and Investment Co., Ltd. and general manager of Pingyang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., shared her own entrepreneurial experience with a topic of “My Study Abroad and Entrepreneurial Process”. She introduced the important influence of her overseas study career in CQUPT on her entrepreneurial success, as well as the gains and losses of women’s entrepreneurship. She put forward suggestions for younger students who wanted to start their own businesses after their graduation in the future valuable suggestions.

   Ms. Zhou Shang, an alumnus of 2014 Sino Foreign Cooperative Education Program of the University of Southern California, who was currently working for Apple Company and graduated from the University of Southern California, introduced how she recognized herself and thought about planning her life at her academic stage, shared her harvest of active participation in the university’s social activities, as well as how to relieve pressure and cultivate students’ self-confidence, and how to face difficulties, build dreams and set sail.

Yu Yue, who is about to graduate from North Arizona University, with their own academic setbacks after the final breakthrough in adversity experience, shared with all other people his personal experiences of how to make self-reflection and timely adjustment in the face of academic difficulties, how to make use of the experience and advantages of his peers, and how to choose the future development direction.

In the exchange session, the students present actively asked questions and took this rare opportunity to learn from outstanding alumni. The invited alumni also responded positively, expressing their gratitude and missing for their alma mater, and provided many useful suggestions for their younger students.

Finally, on behalf of the university, Foreign Affairs Department of CQUPY thanked the overseas alumni for their attachment and support to their alma mater, and wished them success in their respective posts and add luster to the university.


International College heldan overseas alumni exchange forum. (Photos by International College)


Some overseas alumni spoke and shared their thoughts and experiences. (Photos by International College)