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Secretary Li Lin Encourages the Graduates to Be CQUPTers Holding on Original Aspiration and Advancing in Global i-Era
Time: 2020-06-19   

Spring brilliant and autumn rich, you have experienced four years’ cold and summer; gardenia open, a leaving song is sung. On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, CQUPT held the 2020 undergraduate graduation and conferment ceremony in the Science and Technology Hall on the morning of June 19th, 2020.

In the solemn national anthem played at 8:30, the Graduation and Conferment Ceremony of the 2020 Undergraduates kicked off. Vice President Chen Qianbin read out the bachelor degree award document. At the ceremony a notice of commending the outstanding undergraduates at the municipal and school levels in 2020 was read, and the notices of obtaining master’s degree with outstanding achievements from the 2020 undergraduates and of 2020 undergraduates for grassroots employment were read out. The university’s leaders granted them with certificates and bonuses respectively.

Professor Li Lin, secretary of the Party Committee of CQUPT, gave the undergraduates the final lesson entitled “Holding on Original Aspiration and Advancing in Global i-Era”. On behalf of the university, he extended warm congratulations to all the graduates of 2020! He would like to express his heartfelt thanks and deep respect to the parents and faculty who had worked hard to cultivate, educate, support and help the students grow up, and he would like also to encourage them to inherit the70-year glory of their alma mater, fight against the sky, ride the wind and waves, show their skills in the broad world of the motherland, and make contributions in the historical process of national rejuvenation.

At the conferment ceremony, teachers and students sang the song My Country and I, and Gao Xinbo, chairman and president of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of CQUPT, gave the conferment position to the undergraduates’ representatives.