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CQUPT Holds the Graduation and Conferment Ceremony of 2020 Postgraduates & President Gao Xinbo Encourages Them to “Male Virtue, Contribution and Oath” and to Grasp the Certainty in the Uncertain World
Time: 2020-06-18   

2020 is an extraordinary year, and the 2020 graduation season is an extraordinary one. On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, CQUPT held the 2020 Postgraduate Graduation and Conferment Ceremony in the Science and Technology Hall on the morning of June 18, which was not only a farewell ceremony for the postgraduate who were going to travel far away, but also a discipline for them to help each other and overcome the difficulties in this special period.

Professor Gao Xinbo, chairman of the Evaluation Committee and President of CQUPT, encouraged the postgraduates to “make virtue, contributions and oath in a world of uncertainty”. Gao Xinbo pointed out in his speech: “In fact, the world we live in is definitely relative, and uncertainty is absolute. In this uncertain world, what is constantly changing, and what is eternal and unswerving? The ancient Chinese have also thought about this issue, and “making virtue, contribution and oath” is a kind of faith and eternal value that the sages hold, and it has become a weapon against the uncertain world. This is also a parting message that I want to give to all postgraduate in this special graduation season this year.”

Gao Xinbo stressed that the pursuit of certainty in uncertainty was bound to be a long and arduous process, and that no matter how many unpredictable setbacks, frustrations, even hardships and dangers there were in the process, and whether the ultimate goal could be achieved or not, maybe the other shore would never be achieved, but we must never stop the pursuit of the vast and deep starry sky and the ultimate value of human beings.

There is an old Chinese saying: “Scholars should be ambitious and there is a long way to go.” Gao Xinbo hoped that in the face of the uncertain world, students would remember that the more turbulent the world was, the more we needed to stick to “letting the wind rise and the clouds rise, and I will stand still”; the more confused the time was, the more we needed to be calm and steady; the more difficult the time was, the more we needed to strive to “never break the Loulan and never return”. Gao Xinbo said that the majority of postgraduates should continue to adhere to our university’s motto of “Moral, Erudition, Truth and Innovation” and set sail towards the other side of truth with the motherland in mind, the courage to take responsibility, and the bottom line!

At the ceremony, all the teachers and students sang the song My Country and I, and Gao Xinbo gave the post to the postgraduate representative.

CQUPT held the graduation ceremony and conferment ceremony of 2020 undergraduates.