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The Overseas Academician Forum Held by CQUPT at the 70th Anniversary of Its Founding
Time: 2020-06-18   

On the afternoon of June 17th, 2020, CQUPT held its First Overseas Academician Forum —“Optoelectronic Information Technology” report meeting, and invited Professor AART W. Kleyn—academician of Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, Professor Brian gerardot—chief scientist of Emerging Technology Project of British Academy of Engineering, and Anthony—dean of School of Science and Electronic Engineering of University of Essex, UK and Professor J. Vickers made wonderful academic reports on plasma technology, quantum information technology and terahertz technology. The report meeting was held on the cloud in the form of video conference, presided over by Professor Chen Qianbin, vice president of CQUPT. More than 300 experts and scholars from some universities in Chongqing, China University of Science and Technology, National University of Singapore, University of Herriot, etc. attended the meeting.

In the report entitled “Plasma: Enabling Materials and Energy Conversion”, Professor AART W. Kleyn systematically introduced the basic principles of plasma generation and diagnosis technology, as well as the research progress of plasma application in semiconductor etching process, material synthesis and surface modification, EUV lithography technology, renewable energy storage, greenhouse gas conversion and its utilization.

In his report entitled “Twisted 2D Materials”, Professor Brian Gerardot introduced his latest research results on two-dimensional quantum materials with rotation angle published in Natural Materials, Natural Nanotechnology and other internationally renowned journals, focusing on hybrid excitons in two-dimensional quantum dot heterostructures, WSe2 and graphene heterostructures The theoretical prediction and experimental verification of excitons are analyzed.

In his report entitled “Optoelectronic Research at the University of Essex", Professor Anthony Vickers introduced the research progress of photoelectric devices in the University of Essex, focusing on the preparation of new photodetectors, terahertz technology and its application.

Participants in the meeting had a heated discussion on technical challenges and the next step of academic cooperation.