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Li Feifei, Vice President of Alibaba Group, Makes a Special Cloud Academic Report for Our Teachers and Students
Time: 2020-06-02   

On June 1st, 2020, at the invitation of our university, Professor Li Feifei, vice president of Alibaba Group, attended the Wenfeng Cloud Lecture on the 70th anniversary of the founding of our university and made a special cloud academic report entitled “Enterprise Cloud Native Distributed Database System”. The report meeting was presided over by Professor Li Xiaoyong, assistant to the president, and attended by about 300 teachers and students from our university.

Li Feifei elaborated the enterprise level cloud native distributed database system in the aspects of the development process of cloud native distributed database system, the comparison and trend of database system architecture, and the current situation of the rapid development of cloud database technology. First of all, he introduced what was cloud native database, the problems that cloud native database need to solve, and what were the scientific research and technical challenges. Secondly, he compared the traditional database with the cloud native distributed database at the architecture level, highlighted the characteristics of the cloud native architecture, such as flexibility, high availability, enterprise practice and open ecology, introduced the development trend of the next generation of enterprise data base based on the combination of cloud native and distributed HTAP, and analyzed the core concept of the data lake with high attention. Finally, he summarized this report: cloud computing had brought a fundamental change—resource pooling, which had brought challenges to data and technological innovation.

Li Feifei, vice president of Alibaba Group, and ACM outstanding scientist, is president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group Database Product Business Department, and head of Database and Storage Laboratory of Damo Institute. He has won NSF, ACM, IEEE, Visa, Google, HP, Huawei and other awards, ACM SoCC 2019 best paper award runner up, IEEE ICDE 2014 10 most influential paper award, ACM SIGMOD 2016 best paper award, ACM SIGMOD 2015 best system demonstration award, IEEE ICDE 2004 best paper award, NSF career award of the United States, and China Foundation’s Overseas Key Research and Development Award. He serves as the editorial board member and chairman of a number of international and domestic first-class academic journals and conferences, deputy director of CCF Big Data Expert Committee of China Computer Society, and standing member of Database Professional Committee.

Li Feifei, vice president of Alibaba group, made a special cloud academic report for our teachers and students, and Professor Li Xiaoyong, assistant to the president, presided over the report meeting. (Photo by Division of Science and Technology)