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Finally, We Get You! The Third Batch of Students Return to CQUPT as Scheduled
Time: 2020-05-31   

According to the requirements of CQUPT’s notice on the commencement and resumption of classes in the spring semester 2020, from May 29 to 31, full-time undergraduate students from 2017 to 2019 who meet the requirements of returning to the university successfully completed the report of having returned to the university.

“Long time no see!”, “Welcome home!”... CQUPT greets the returning students with warm greetings. From the “report on entering the campus by scanning code” to “face recognition temperature measurement”, from “taking out the canteen lunch” to “providing haircut on campus”... A series of safety prevention and control measures, warm life services one by one, a serious and responsible faculty member, all this has built a safety fortress under the prevention and control of normal epidemic on the campus.

Although having missed the brilliant cherry blossom in spring, our students caught up with the lush early summer. They returned to the campus which had been away for nearly five months. The familiar people and things on the campus made everyone feel warm.

After “Epidemic” went away and the summer came, everything could be expected. With the third batch of students returning to our university as scheduled, the campus has been gradually returning to its former vitality.

Students have returned to the university orderly.