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CQUPT Holds a Cadre Meeting to Announce the Decision of Its President’s Post Adjustment
Time: 2020-05-28   

On the morning of May 27th, 2020, our university held a cadre meeting to announce the decision of the Municipal Party Committee on the appointment and removal of its president. After the study of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, it was decided that Gao Xinbo would serve as the member, standing committee member and Deputy Secretary of the Committee of CQUPT, and be nominated as its president.

In his performance speech, Comrade Gao Xinbo expressed his gratitude to the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government for their trust and support, to the cultivation of Xi’an Electronic and Science University over the years, and to the acceptance and trust of all teachers and students of CQUPT, as well as the old leaders and comrades of the university. Gao Xinbo said that as a “New CQUPTER”, he would further improve his political quality and character, constantly improve his ability to solve challenging problems, deal with complex contradictions and serve the development of the university and regional economic construction; adhere to the president’s responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee, and do a solid job in the construction of big data intelligent experimental sites, scientific and technological highlands and talent highlands; take morality as his own duty, strengthen connotation construction, and strive to improve university-running ability and level; earnestly implement democratic centralism, concentrate everyone’s wisdom, and provide suggestions for the development of the university; strictly perform one-post-and-two-responsibilities; consciously accept supervision, and works hard with all teachers and students to build the university into a more influential high-level university of posts and telecommunications.

In his speech, the relevant leaders of Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee who attended the cadre meeting affirmed the achievements of the university’s reform and development, and hoped that the university’s leading group and teachers, students and staff would work together to make progress and push forward the university’s reform and development to a new level. Firstly, we must persevere in strengthening the Party’s overall leadership, and thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s new socialist ideology with China’s characteristics as the primary political task, and earnestly promote the healthy development of the university in the right direction; secondly, planning a domain from the whole and serving the whole with a domain, we should actively connect the national strategies such as “Belt and Road Initiative”, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the Western Development, the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, accelerate the construction of “Two Highlands of One Place” and make greater contributions in the service development and the future;  thirdly, we should start from the reality to catch up with the shortcomings and accelerate the construction of “Double First Class"; fourthly, we should open the door to run the university and pool all forces to promote its development.