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CQUPT and Dongfanghong Satellite Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. Hold a Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony
Time: 2020-05-20   

On May 19th 2020, CQUPT held an agreement-signing ceremony for strategic cooperation with Dongfanghong Satellite Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. (Hereafter referred to Dongfanghong) Li Lin—secretary of the Party Committee and president of CQUPT and Xie Yun—general manager of Dongfanghong attended the signing ceremony. Vice President Xu Guanghong and Deputy General Manager Xu Xiyue of Dongfanghong signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

Li Lin expressed in his speech, “Today is an important moment for the development of CQUPT. Dongfanghong Satellite Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., bearing the mission and dream of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, has landed in Chongqing to build and operate China’s independent global low orbit satellite mobile communication and space Internet system, which is not only an important measure to build China into a “space power” and “network power”, but also a strong support to promote a big data intelligence, military-civilian integration and innovation-driven development in Chongqing. CQUPT has profound academic and talent accumulation in the field of posts and telecommunications. It can complement the advantages of Dongfanghong in communication and information engineering, computer science and technology, electronic science and technology and other disciplines, as well as chip and device research and development. Our university is willing to work with Dongfang to develop and build the future together. The next step will be to practically promote scientific research cooperation and personnel-training cooperation between the two parties, and cultivate and transport more talents for the low orbit satellite mobile communication and space Internet industry.”

Xie Yun expressed in his speech, “Since it landed in Chongqing in October 2018, Dongfanghong Satellite Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. has exchanged visits with CQUPT for more than ten times. The two parties have achieved effective cooperation in some aspects such as joint project application, scientific research cooperation, graduate tutor appointment, and graduate recruitment, which has also laid a solid foundation for the strategic cooperation. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to CQUPT for its great support over the past year and to work together to build a model of university-enterprise cooperation.”  Xie Yun said, “Today’s strategic cooperation with CQUPT comes at a time when our company is fully promoting the construction of global low orbit satellite mobile communication and space Internet. In the future, the company will launch digital economic value-added services such as intelligent terminal communication and Internet of things, which will bring about fruitful cooperation between the two parties.”

After the signing ceremony, the two parties had a discussion on the establishment of “Space Class”, the appointment of graduate tutors, the construction of a graduate base, and other specific cooperation issues. According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will carry out scientific and technological cooperation and exchange and customized training of “Space Class” talents, and they will explore and build a joint laboratory of space information network, build an international exchange and cooperation platform, and achieve complementary advantages and win-win results through continuous deepening of all-round cooperation.

CQUPT’s relevant persons from Department of Science and Technology, Division of Teaching Affairs, School of Graduate, Office of Production-University-Research, School of Communications, School of Computer, and School of Photoelectric, and Dongfanghong’s relevant persons from Party-and-Mass Personnel Department, Market Research and Development Department, System Operation Department, Satellite Engineering Department, Network Engineering Department, and Chongqing Liangjiang Satellite Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. participated in the activity.

CQUPT and Dongfanghong Satellite Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. held an agreement-signing ceremony for their strategic cooperation.