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CQUPT and Chongqing R & D Center of Continental Hold the Opening Ceremony of the First-Phase of Joint University-and-Enterprise Training Project “Marine Corps”
Time: 2020-05-14   

On the afternoon of May 14th, our university and Chongqing R & D Center of Continental held the first online opening ceremony of the university-and-enterprise joint training project “Marine Corps”. Xu Guanghong—vice president of CQUPT and Liu Renliang—general manager of Chongqing R & D Center of Continental attended the opening ceremony. 111 students from School of Communication, School of Computer, School of Automation, School of Optoelectronics and School of Software participated in the joint training program.

Xu Guanghong delivered a speech for the opening ceremony, congratulated the opening of the first phase of “Marine Corps”, and briefly introduced the history and effectiveness of cooperation between the two parties. He pointed out that the university-and-enterprise joint training project was another positive attempt for both parties to broaden cooperation fields and to create a cooperation mode under a strategic cooperation agreement; he believed that on the basis of good cooperation between the two parties, with the active participation of students and the careful guidance of teachers, the project would surely achieve a win-win result; he hoped that students could be diligent in thinking, learning, and striving to find a position in this changing world, and to make new contributions!

Liu Renliang briefly introduced the basic situation of German Continental and Chongqing R & D Center. He sent his message to the students: Only hard work can have strength; only strength can have self-confidence; only strength and self-confidence can succeed. He hoped that the students should study in a down-to-earth way and work in a down-to-earth way; not think too much about the future and not stay too long in the past; do a good job in the present and enjoy the present.

       Hu Weijin, senior manager of Human Resources Department of Chongqing R & D Center of Continental, introduced the project “Marine Corps”, including its training objectives, teachers for the projects, its course content, its achievements and planning, and he answered in detail the questions raised by the students.