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The Student Huang Xincheng from School of Automation Is Praised for Participating in the Volunteer Work of Epidemic Prevention and Control
Time: 2020-04-11   

On April 10th, Huang Xincheng, a student of   Grade 2019 from School of Automation / School of Industrial Internet of   Things, was praised by Organization Department of Xinyu Municipal Party Committee   of Jiangxi Province and Xinyu Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth   League for participating in the volunteer work of epidemic prevention and   control in his hometown. On the occasion of whole country fighting COVID-19   epidemic, Huang Xincheng, as a young college   student, actively participated in the volunteer service work of the community   epidemic prevention and control, bearing heavy burdens and overcoming   difficulties and fighting risks, setting up the pioneer image of league   members, contributing youth sweat and strength, and demonstrating the   responsibility of youth.

Huang Xincheng was admitted to School of Automation,   Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications in September 2019. After the outbreak of COVID-19, he came   up with the idea of participating in anti-epidemic volunteer service. After   communicating with his family and obtaining support, he became an   anti-epidemic volunteer of a community.

The   most important thing in the fight against the epidemic is to control the   source of infection and the flow of people. On Feb. 25, Huang Xincheng was   assigned to a post in the community,   along with the vanguard of members of CPC, to conduct body temperature   measurements, entry and exit registration of the   community’s residents and outsiders. At first, not everyone   understood the importance of these measures, and some residents tried to   evade the entry   registration and body temperature   measurements, and even made a break for the checkpoints every day. Huang   explained the importance of these measures to them again and again and   persuaded them to cooperate   with their works. After he explained patiently and   carried out the publicity of the epidemic   prevention knowledge actively, the community residents were able to take the   initiative to cooperate with their works and stay at home. After the   introduction of the electronic pass, Huang Xincheng helped the elderly   one by one to register the electronic pass for their unskilled operation on mobile phones.

The work of guard post was boring. Each   shift was   arranged for seven or eight hours. In order to prevent someone from sneaking   into the community, volunteers must focus on the entry and exit personnel and   repeat the monotonous but very important prevention and control measures. The   early spring in the south is always rainy. In the simple tent in front of the   community gates, the   conditions were very   hard. Many times heavy rains caused   water soaking into the tent. But Huang Xincheng, together with   other volunteers, worked hard to overcome difficulties, including the   shortage of epidemic prevention materials, heavy screening workload, and simple epidemic   prevention conditions, and successfully completed all the work   during the volunteer period.

In reviewing voluntary work, Huang Xincheng said, “In   this volunteer service for the prevention and control of the Novel Coronavirus   epidemic, I deeply realize the advantages of China’s system, which makes me   feel very proud as a Chinese. As a university student   and a member of the Communist Youth League, I am very   glad to participate in this voluntary service, to make contributions to the   early end of the epidemic and to realize my self-value.”