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Zhou Yuyang, a Student of CQUPT, Is Awarded the Title of “Chongqing Positive and Virtuous Youth”
Time: 2020-04-08   

          Recently,   the results of “Chongqing Positive and Virtuous Youth” 2019 have been   announced. Zhou Yuyang, a student of CQUPT, stood out from the candidates   recommended by all parts of the city and various industries through CQUPT’s   recommendation and comprehensive evaluation and won the honorary title of “Innovation   and Entrepreneurship Good Youth”.

          Zhou Yuyang, a student of Grade 2017 majoring in Electronic Information Engineering of School of Communication of CQUPT, is the founder of young people’s artificial intelligence education brand ”Post Small Program”. He has applied for 5 national patents, won 15 awards in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions at the provincial- and ministerial-level and registered 1 national trademark. His deeds have been reported by news media for many times, such as People’s Network.