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The International Standards for Internet of Things Led by CQUPT Pass the Vote in FDIS
Time: 2020-03-25   

On the afternoon of March 23rd, according to the news from the ISO / IEC JTC1 SC41, the international standard ISO / IEC 21823-2 Internet of Things (IoT)-Interoperability for IoT Systems-Part 2: Transport interoperability led by CQUPT’s Industrial IoT Research Team formally passed the final round of voting of the International Standards Organization (FDIS, Final Draft International Standard) with 100% consent vote, which means that the standard will be officially released soon.

This is the third international standard led and developed by Industrial IoT Research Team of CQUPT after taking the lead in formulating the international standard ISO / IEC 19637 Sensor Network Test Framework and ISO / IEC TR 30148 Wireless Sensor Network Technical Requirements for Gas Meters. It is the result of joint support and efforts of many departments of our country through years of tackling key problems of theteam.

It is the basic common standard of the IoT technology and industry, which standardizes the Interoperability architecture, protocol model of network connectivity, network interface and service interface and so on for IoT systems. The standardization of Transport Interoperability for IoT systems promotes the seamless connection of IoT and its interaction with the real world, meets the needs of users for the diversity of the IoT in a better way, and improves the satisfaction of users. It also improves the availability and reliability of the network, which is conducive to expanding the global-scaled application of IoT solutions.

          At the end of 2017, the standard was rated as the “Top 10 most concerned standards in China” by the magazine China Standardization. The milestone achievements in this international standardization work have consolidated the leading advantages of CQUPT in the field of standardization of IoT, marking the continuous leading position of our country in the field of IoT standards.