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Letters and Calls from Overseas Cooperative Colleges and Universities to Support the Anti-epidemic Work of CQUPT
Time: 2020-03-13   

When million people united as one to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, CQUPT’s overseas friendly cooperation colleges and universities such as North Arizona University, Brunel University London, State University of New York at Albany, expressed their greetings, concerns and encouragement to our teachers and students in time by video and letters. As the representative of the University of Northern Arizona said, “Friends are in the sea, but true feelings are in need.”

All cooperative colleges and universities actively took practical actions to support CQUPT in fighting against the epidemic and actively cooperated with its prevention and control work and online teaching mode. Many of them in France, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States have expressed their intention to continue to promote cooperation projects and adjust CQUPTs teachers-and-students’ study and studying plans abroad according to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in the world.According to the new teaching mode and operation requirements of CQUPT, the cooperative project colleges and universities have held coordination meetings, and invested human and material resources to build platforms, in order to ensure the online teaching quality of teachers and to realize seamless connection of online and offline teaching at home and abroad.

          In a letter to President Li Lin, Ms. Julia, President of Brunel University London, said that the two universities should work together to cope with the epidemic and do their best to provide online teaching support for teachers and students of cooperative projects. Ms. Julia praised CQUPTs anti-epidemic work and said that in the new semester, she would do a good job in various ways such as video mails.Mr. Daniel, vice president ofNorth Arizona University, said that with the help of the anti-epidemic, all of us need to work together to help each other and cheer for China. In a letter, the dean of State University of New York at Albany said that he would cherish the cooperation between the two sides as always, and welcome teachers and students at any time, and believed that the epidemic would be controlled as soon as possible.