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CQUPT Has Taken Multiple Measures to Help with the Epidemic Prevention and Control and Online Office Teaching with Information Technology
Time: 2020-02-24   

In the face of the sudden outbreak of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, CQUPT has actively carried out various epidemic prevention and control work,  given play to the characteristics and advantages of information technology, adopted a series of informationized war against “the epidemic”, and taken information technology to help the prevention and control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, ensuring that the university “suspends classes without stopping work, study and research” during the period of the prevention and control.

          The Cloud Platform of “Safety Check during the Epidemic Period” helps to collect data of epidemic prevention and control. CQUPT Education Informatization R&D Team, based on independent research and development of “We CQUPT” WeChat small application platform, has dedicate to the work with high sense of responsibility and mission, and launched online “Safety Check during the Epidemic Period” client for all students with only three days. This system will be iterated to make a perfect according to the new requirements, and release the collected data to the student data service platform of CQUPT after analysis. The user end of this system includes two functional modules: information filling and daily punch. The “information filling” is used for students to provide information about egress during winter vacation, contact with person from Hubei province, heat treatment and other related information while the “daily punch” is for students to report daily physical abnormalities according to the physical status, detailing record fever, cough, chest tightness and other anomalies. At the same time, the information reported by the students is summarized in the management background and checked by the student management staff after statistical analysis, so as to make targeted prevention and control arrangements. According to statistics, the system has collected more than 12,000 pieces of information about the epidemic prevention and control in 12 hours when it launched on January 31st, and it has collected data more than 50,000 about the epidemic prevention and control, and the “daily punch” data more than 500,000 articles on February 23rd. Now, the students online information submitted rate is stable at more than 99%, effectively improving the effectiveness of the epidemic prevention and control and the precision of data.