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CQUPT Ranks 44th in the National Discipline Competition in 2019 and 45th in 2015-2019
Time: 2020-02-22   

On February 22nd, 2020, the Expert Working Group of Research on University Competition Evaluation and Management System released the ranking results of 2015-2019 and 2019 National University Discipline Competition. Of them, CQUPT ranked 44th in the country in 2019, 45th in the country in 2015-2019, 7th in the national local universities in 2015-2019, and first in Chongqing’s universities.

Since December 2017, this year has been the fourth consecutive year for the expert working group of Research on University Competition Evaluation and Management System of the Institute of Higher Education of China. This round of the competition evaluation continues to follow the principles of fairness, justice, openness, guidance, operability, classification and achievement orientation, and adheres to the idea of “quality-oriented and prudent promotion”, ranking the competition data in three aspects of award-winning contribution, organization contribution and research contribution, of which the newly added competition only calculates the data of 2019. The four dimensions of award-winning contribution are “competition project level”, “competition project form”, “competition project history” and “number of competition project awards”; the four dimensions of organization contribution are “competition Secretariat”, “competition organizer”, “excellent organization unit” and “outstanding instructor”. Between 2015-2019 and in 2019, the new “research contribution” mainly considers the expansion and extension of discipline competition research, including competition teaching achievement awards and teaching reform papers for college students.

In addition, the Expert Working Group also released the “Analysis Report on the National College Teachers’ Teaching Competition (2012--2019)”. CQUPT ranked the 164th in the state of National College Teachers’ Competition in 2012-2019. The analysis report of Teachers’ Teaching Competition Screens 46 National Teachers’ Teaching Competitions which are generally accepted by colleges and societies in our country and have public data as the research object. This report collects the data of these competitions from 2012 to 2019, and takes the “award winning contribution” and “organizational contribution” of the competition as evaluation indicators to analyze and evaluate the present situation of teacher teaching competition.