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Nine Teachers and One Team of Our University Are Selected into the First Batch of Chongqing Talent Plan
Time: 2019-11-09   

CQUPT News (provided by Human Resources Office, and edited by AoYongchun)Recently, the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee’s Talent Work Leading Group announced the first batch of shortlisted candidates for the Chongqing Talent Plan, identifying 389 talents and 95 teams. Nine teachers and one team from our university were selected, and the selected number ranked among the top universities in the city.

The selected teams and individuals in our university are Professor Wang Guoyin,an outstanding scientist; Professor Zheng Jie, a renowned character (in philosophy of the social sciences); Professor Yang Hong, a renowned character s (in education); Professor Guo Lei and Professor Zhu Wei, leading talents in the innovation and entrepreneurship (of education); Professors HouWeigang, Dr. Liu Yejun, Professor Wang Zhigang, and Professor Xiao Bin, young top talents; “Big Data Intelligent Computing Team”,led by Professor Li Weisheng, and selected as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Team.

     The “Chongqing Talent Plan” is a talent project implemented by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Government to further promote the action plan of invigorating the city through science and education and strengthening it with talents, and to further create a talent development environment for those who are near and distant.There are five titles,that is, Outstanding Scientists, Renowned Characters in Social Science,Leading Talents in Innovation and EntrepreneurshipLeading Talents of Technical Skills and Young Top Talents. It is planned to support about 2,000 high-level talents and about 500 teams within five years, including about 100 Outstanding Scientists, about 300 Renowned Characters in Social Science, about 900 Leading Talents in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, about 500 Leading teamsin Innovation and Entrepreneurship, about 200Leading Talents of Technical Skills, and about 500 Young Top Talents.