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Professor Wang GuoyinIsElected asVice President of the Eighth Council of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence
Time: 2019-10-28   

The Eighth Member Congress of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligencewas held in Xi’an on October 27th, 2019, and was presided over by Academician Li Deyi, president of the Seventh Council of the Society. The meeting summarized the work of the Seventh Council of the Society and elected the Eighth Council and the board of supervisors. The first meeting of the Eighth Council elected president, vice president, secretary general and standing council of the Institute. Academician Dai Qionghai of Tsinghua University was elected president of the Eighth Council of the Society. Professor Wang Guoyin, president of the Postgraduate School of CQUPT, elected as vice president of the Institute. The vice president elected also includes Academician Chen Jie, president of Tongji University; Academician Wang Endong, chief scientist of Inspur Group;Academician Zhao Chunjiang, director of National Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center; Professor Liu Hong, leader of Peking University’s Ten Thousand Talents Program;Researcher Liu Chenglin, deputy director of the Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, distinguished professor of National Outstanding Young Scholars andChair Professors inCheung Kong Scholars;ProfessorZhouZhihua of Nanjing University; Professor Wang Wenbo, vice president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; Professor Sun Fuchun, national outstanding youth and professor of Tsinghua University.

At the meeting, Professor Wang Guoyin was also honored as an outstanding member of theChinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. Professor Zhang Qinghua, executive dean of School of Computer Science and Technology / School of Artificial Intelligence in CQUPTwas alsorewarded.

      Founded in 1981, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligenceis the only national-level associationin the field of intelligent science and technology officially registered by Ministry of Civil Affairs of P. R. China. It is a national 4A-level social organization, and its attached unit is Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence is a formal group member of the China Association for Science and Technology with the qualification to recommend “Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences”. The Chinese Institute of Artificial Intelligence currently has 48 branches, including 40 professional committees and 8 working committees, covering the field of intelligent science and technology.