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Professor Kato Nei, Academician of the Engineering Academy of Japan, Visits Our University
Time: 2019-11-18   

Professor Kato Nei, Academician of the Engineering Academy of Japan,

Visits Our University

On November 16th, Prof. Nei Kato, academician of the Engineering Academy of Japan, IEEE / IEICE Fellow, deputy dean of the Institute of Information and Science of Tohoku University, and current editor of IEEE TVT, was invited to visit our university. He delivered an academic report entitled “Deep Learning in Network Traffic Control--How Far We Have Come and Future Challenges”for the teachers and students in the academic lecture hall of Shaw Building. The report was hosted by Professor Guo Song, adjunct professor from our university, Chongqing’s “Hundred Overseas”, and professor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Teachers and students in related fields of the school attended this event.

Professor Nei Kato introduced the submissions and citations of the conference journal IEEE—Transaction on Vehicular Technology (TVT, JCR Q1, IF5.339), in which he was the editor-in-chief, and encouraged teachers and students to pay attention to the quality and depth of academic papers. Academician Nei Kato highlighted the team’s latest research findings, namely how to control network traffic through deep learning methods. Academician Nei Kato’s report gave all teachers and students a deeper understanding of how to apply deep learning methods into the fields of the Internet and information and communication. The teachers and students actively asked questions based on the professor’s explanations and their in-depth thoughts.

After the report meeting, Academician Nei Kato visited the School History Museum and spoke highly of our university’s achievements in the fields of information and communication, big data and artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.