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Students of CQUPT Win the First Prize in the 2019 Chinese Collegiate Computing Competition
Time: 2019-09-11   

Recently, the  Chinese Collegiate Computing Competition2019 was successfully held in six universities including Peking University, Hangzhou Dianzi University, and Anhui Normal University. Over 2,000 teams from more than 200 universities in China participated in the competition.

Works selected by our university won 1 national first prize, 3 second prizes and 4 third prizes, of whichShenGufengs works from School of Software Engineering won the first prize; works by Li Shun, He Guanhong, Li Dehui, Zhang Lisheng, Qi Congjian, LvQingsong, Shi Yuxing, and Tang Yunfeng from School of Computer Science and Technology and Chen Delong from School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering won 3 second prizes; works of GaoChenxi, Tang Meilin, Yan Yiting, NieLihong, XieWenjuan, and Lin Hanlong from School of Media Arts and Design and Huang Ying, Zhang Yue, Zhao Lu, and Chen Xinyue from School of Communication, and Fan Siqi and Zhou Qiqi from School of Computer Science and Technology won 4 third prizes. This is the first time that our university has won the national first prize in this competition.

The competition was co-hosted by College Computer Professional Teaching Steering Committee under Ministry of Education, the Software Engineering Professional Teaching Steering Committee under Ministry of Education, the University Computer Education Teaching Steering Committee under Ministry of Education, Higher Education Liberal Computer Basic Teaching Guidance Subcommitteeof Ministry of Education, and Chinese Youth New Media Association. The purpose of this competition is to cultivate college students innovative ability and teamwork awareness, and to use information technology to solve practical problems in comprehensive practical ability so as to cultivate more moral, intellectual, and aesthetic, innovative, practical and compound talents. The competition is divided into 10 categories, including software application and development, micro-course and teaching aid, IoT applications, digital media design, software service outsourcing, artificial intelligence and so on. Our university participated in the above four parts of the competition.

In recent years, our university has actively encouraged and organized undergraduates to actively participate in various types of extracurricular science and technology competitions and achieved excellent results. These awards fully demonstrate that our universityhas been strengthening the existing professional construction, teaching teams, excellent courses, practical demonstration bases and other infrastructure constructions. Moreover, they also show that our university has been constructing a professional layout with reasonable hierarchical structure, and establishing an innovative talent training model that meets the needs of national economic and social development.


Students of CQUPT win the first prize in the  Chinese Collegiate

 Computing Competition2019 (Photo by School of Computer Science and Technology)