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A Number of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Our University Are Showed at the Smart China Expo
Time: 2019-08-26   

The Smart China Expo 2019 opened in Chongqing on August 26th, 2019. Our university has showed a number of cutting-edge research technologies and scientific and technological achievements in the fields of new generation information communication, industrial IoT technology domain, big data intelligence, micronanoelectronic technology and devices, including IPV6-based industrial Internet platform, the world’s first industrial IoT core chip --- Yu Xin No.1, Industry 4.0 Fully Interconnected Manufacturing Network, CQUPT IoTProtocol Test and Network Analysis System, CQUPT IoTSecurity System, Smart Home and Smart Medical Systems, etc.

At this exhibition, our university also exhibited a number of achievements such as vehicle intelligent voice technology, vehicle image recognition technology and multi-modal interactive demonstration platform, smart safety helmet, etc., and teamed up to participate in many activities like the i-VISTA automatic driving challenge.


Exhibition area of CQUPT in the Smart China Expo( Photo by Press Center)


IPV6-based Industrial Internet Platform (Photo by Press Center)