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The Brand Visual Image “Wushan Crispy Plum”Designed by Our Teachers Is Released
Time: 2019-07-01   

On July 1st, a new brand visual image   conference of “WushanCristy Plum” was held in theGreat Hall of the Peoplein Beijing,   sponsored by Chongqing Agricultural and Rural Committee and thePeople’s   Governmentof Wushan County. The brand visual image was designed by Wang   Hongsheng, teacher from School of Media Arts, CQUPT, and highly recognized by   the Party Committee and the People’s Governmentof Wushan County.

In order to deeply excavate the cultural   and ecological connotations of WushanCristy Plum, to endow it with its unique   brand value system and with its storytelling, humanistic and community-based   brand image, and to achieve the goal of its unique value and eye-catching   image,Wang Hongsheng’s Team of our university has analyzed the design concept   ofthe brand image of Wushan Crispy Plum from four dimensions.On the whole,   the brand logo of WushanCristy Plum perfectly integrates “children's taste   plum picking” and “landscape growing environment”in the form of symbolization   and scenery, which not only implies the brand story, but also reflects the growing   environment and gives the viewer unlimited reverie.With green as its main   color, it represents nature, life and vitality, and fits the product and   regional characteristics of WushanCrispyPlum.Considering the needs of   different consumer groups, three kinds of packaging are designed on the basis   of the brand logo, which are white fashion packaging, red gift packaging and   green business packaging.


The   Brand Visual Image “Wushan Crispy Plum” is released in the Great Hall of the People   in Beijing