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CQUPT and Chongqing R & D Center of the Continental Group Hold the Signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement and the Unveiling Ceremony of “Joint Laboratory”
Time: 2019-06-24   

On the morning of June 24th, the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement and the unveiling ceremony of the “Joint Laboratory” between CQUPT and Chongqing R & D Center of the Continental Group were held at Chongqing R & D Center of the Continental Group. Vice President XuGuanghong, representatives and heads ofSchool of Optoelectronics, School of Software, School of Automation and Industry-University-Research Office, General Manager Liu RenliangofChongqing R & D Center of the Continental Group, management staff ofHuman Resources Department, Car Body and Safety Division, Engineering Department, etc. attended the ceremony.

XuGuanghong and his entourage visited Chongqing R & D Center of the Continental Group and listened to the introduction to the Continental Group and Chongqing R & D Center of the Continental Group. As the world’s leading technology-based company, the strong technical atmosphere of Chongqing R&D Center of the Continental Group, its vigorous spirit and its flexible working environment left a deep impression on everyone.

The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the three strategic cooperation directions: the history of cooperation, the joint laboratory of science and technology innovation, the technology exchange center and its talent incubation camp. Liu Renliang expressed the hope that the two sides would continue to explore and improve on the road to cooperation, so that they could open up more space for cooperation and achieve success in corporation. XuGuanghong said that the scientific research achievements of universities needed to be tested by industrial transformationand it was hoped that the two sides would sincerely cooperate, forge ahead, promote digital industrialization, digitize the industry, and make greater contributions to the scientific and technological innovation of automotive electronics, network communication and artificial intelligence industries and to the cultivation of talents more suited to the needs of enterprises.

Under the joint witness of the representatives of the both sides, CQUPT and the Continental Group solemnly signed a strategic cooperation agreement and jointly unveiled the joint laboratory.


Vice President XuGuanghong and General Manager Liu Renliang of Chongqing R&D Center jointly unveiled the joint laboratory