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CQUPTHolds a Graduation Ceremony for the 2019 Undergraduates
Time: 2019-06-24   

On the morning of June 24th, CQUPT held a 2019 undergraduate graduation ceremony and a granting ceremony on the playground, and sent a farewell to the 4,591 undergraduates and 24 international students who graduated this year.

CQUPT’s leaders Li Lin, You Minhui, Lin Jinchao, Fu Mingqiu, LvYi, Tao Yuxiang and all the members of the academic degrees committee attended the ceremony and seated on the rostrum. The main leaders of schools and functional departments of CQUPT and the 2019 undergraduates, teacher representatives and parent representatives all attended. The ceremony was presided by You Minhui, Deputy Secretary of the  PartyCommittee.

,In the solemn national anthem at 8:30, the graduation and award ceremony of 2019 undergraduates kicked off. VicePresident Lin Jinchao read out the decision on the award of the bachelor's degree of CQUPT.VicePresident Fu Mingqiuread the commendation notice of the 2019 city-level and university-level outstanding university graduates. VicePresident LvYi read the report on the 2019 undergraduate graduates who had obtained the master's degree.Secretary of CQUPTDiscipline Committee Tao Yuxiang read the 2019 undergraduates’ report on grassroots employment. The leaders awarded the students certificates and bonuses respectively.

Li Lin, Chairman of theAcademic DegreesCommittee, Secretary of the  PartyCommittee, and President of CQUPT, took the last lesson for graduates on the topic of BeingDetermined to Take on Responsibility in the Face of Great Changes. First of all, on behalf of the school, he extended warm congratulations to all the undergraduate graduatess of 2019! He would like to express his heartfelt thanks and deep respect to the parents and the whole staff who had worked hard to train, educate, support and help the students to grow up. “It is necessary to strengthen the ideal of national rejuvenation in the course of grasping the great changes.” Li Lin inspiredthe students that the ideal was a prerequisite for the achievement of outstanding life. In response to the great changes, students should bravely undertake the mission of innovation and development of the information industry, and strive to work hard in the face of the great changes.


The Grand Graduation and DedicationCeremony of 2019 Undergraduates Is Held in CQUPT(Photo by Reporter Hu Zhen)