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CQUPT and Huawei Company Sign an Agreement of “Jointly Building an Engineers’ Innovation Ability Training Base in Chongqing”
Time: 2019-05-30   

On May 30th, 2019, Huawei’s Chongqing Intelligent City Summit was held in Chongqing with the theme of “Intelligent Evolution and Platform Adaptation”. More than 500 industrial experts and ecological partners from various fields gathered together to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in Chongqing in the intelligent era. Wu Cunrong, member of the Standing Committee of Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor of the Municipal People’s Government, attended the summit. CQUPT’s Party Secretary and President Li Lin, the head of Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and related teachers attended the summit.

At the summit, CQUPT and Huawei signed an agreement of “Jointly Building an Engineers’ Innovation Ability Training Base in Chongqing”. The two sides will carry out a comprehensive and multi-modality cooperation based on the deep accumulation in ICT technology, big data, artificial intelligence and education so as to boost the talents of the big data intelligent industry, and serve for the local innovation- driven development.

At the summit, President Cao Zejun of Huawei China Strategic MKT released White Paper on Huawei ICT Talent Ecology (Chongqing)”, which is prefaced by Li Lin, secretary of the party committee and president of CQUPT. In its preface, Li Lin puts forward a top-level design of ICT talent training system, which should not only meet the industrial demands and introduce industrial resources, but also focus on the frontier and basic problems in the field of ICT, and pay attention to the innovation and guidance of talent training. The preface points out that it is necessary to build a talent training ecosystem in which enterprises, colleges and universities, vocational training institutions, and basic education can interact well and continuously, and industrial technology and educational resources are deeply integrated, and that through a deep integration of industry, university and research, we can improve the supply ability of ICT high-level innovative talents quickly and accurately, and strengthen the supporting effect of talent source on the industry quickly and accurately, so that ICT talent training from the industry and service industry can gradually adapt to industrial change to ultimately lead the development of industry.

Engineers’ Innovation Ability Training Base in Chongqing is an action plan of Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Chongqing Education Commission relying on Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications to vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy led by big data. It will be developed into a high-end training base for big data intelligent enterprises, with the qualification of mid-level or primary big data intelligent title evaluation. After training, certification and evaluation, the trainees will be granted with the certificate of big data intelligent certification for international enterprises and the title of engineer or assistant engineer.