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CQUPT Holds the Second Working Meeting on Foreign Affairs
Time: 2019-05-30   

       On the afternoon of May 30th, 2019, CQUPT held the second working meeting on foreign affairs in the Academic Lecture Hall of Shaw Building. Our university’s leaders Li Lin, You Minhui, Lin Jinchao, Fu Mingqiu, Xu Guanghong, Lu Yi and Tao Yuxiang attended the meeting. The cadres above deputy director level, foreign affairs secretaries of teaching and researching institutions, foreign student counselors, and representatives of teachers and students of Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education Program attended the meeting, which was presided over by CQUPT’s Party Secretary and President Li Lin.

Li Shiyu, director of International Department of the Municipal Education Commission, delivered a speech at the meeting, congratulating its convening, and introducing an overall situation and main current tasks of opening up education in Chongqing. Li Shiyu put forward suggestions for the next stage of opening up and cooperation in schools, focusing on contribution, precision, steady growth, breakthrough, quality and efficiency.

Vice President Xu Guanghong briefly explained for the leaders of our university’s party and government Opinions of Promoting a Higher Level of Development in the Work of Opening Up, Cooperation and Exchanges in the New Era, and interpreted the objectives and key tasks of opening up, cooperation and exchanges.

Li Lin gave a report entitled Deepening the Work of Opening Up, Cooperation and Exchange in the New Era to Provide a Strong Driving Force for Realizing a Higher Level of Development of Schools. The report points out that it is a meeting to implement the arrangements of the Third Party Congress of CQUPT so as to push the work of opening up, cooperation and exchanges to a new level in the new era. Since the First Foreign Affairs Work Meeting, our university has vigorously implemented the “1165” internationalization project, and made a remarkable progress in Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, studying in China, internationalization of teaching staff, international scientific research cooperation, and internationalization of talent training. The quality and level of internationalized running schools have been ranked in the forefront of Chongqing, and the international atmosphere and the pattern of open running schools have been basically formed, which has played a strong supporting role in the development of teachers, discipline construction, personnel training, academic research and so on. The report analyzes the current situation and outstanding problems in our university’s opening up to the outside world, and points out that the complexity of the current foreign affairs work is far greater than that of the past 10 years, but open cooperation and exchanges are still a main theme of the times. At present, the work of open cooperation and exchange in our university is not enough to support the construction of high-level teachers or to promote the construction of a high-level universitie.

The report identifies three plans to be vigorously implemented in the next phase of the university's foreign affairs work. First, we should persist in giving priority to talents and vigorously implement the plan to upgrade the international level of teachers. It is necessary to aim at the current international situation, and vigorously introduce high-end overseas talents, improve the efficiency of employing foreign experts, and continue to encourage teaching and researching personnel to study overseas. Second, we should adhere to be quality-oriented and vigorously implement the international talent training plan. It is necessary to raise the level of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, broaden the international vision of our students, promote the construction of “Belt and Road Initiative” and “New Land and Sea Channels” for running schools abroad, do a good job in the quality of foreign students’ studying in China, and train a number of foreign students and alumni who know China, are friendly to China, and love China. Third, we should persist in taking scholarship as a main task, and vigorously implement the promotion plan for international scientific and technological cooperation. It is necessary to improve the level of international academic follow-up and cooperation among teachers, and strengthen the construction of a platform for international scientific research cooperation in our university. The report stresses that it is necessary to further improve safeguard measures to promote the work of foreign affairs in our university. The first is to strengthen the leadership of the party committee over our foreign affairs, and to enforce the organizational and security guarantee; the second is to improve the working system of foreign students’ studying in China and Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and to improve the construction of the mechanism; The third is to increase the construction of conditions and funds; fourth, it is necessary to create a good atmosphere of opening up, cooperation and exchanges to the outside world.

Li Lin emphasized that the school should further emancipate the mind, reform and innovate with a global vision, and strive to develop our university’s career in the first-class, continuously deepen the open cooperation and exchanges in the new era, and provide a powerful impetus to achieve a higher level of our university’s development.