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CQOPT Is Selected as One of“Top 100 Schools of Chongqing Campus Culture Construction on the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up”
Time: 2019-05-22   

On May 22th, 2019, the list of “Top 100 Schools of Chongqing Campus Cultural Construction of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up” was released, and our university was listed as one of the three undergraduate universities.

It is understood that the selection of the top 100 schools in campus culture construction was sponsored by Chongqing Innovation Education Society, Chongqing Innovation Education Research Institute, Education and Culture Magazine and Chongqing Third Campus Evaluation Committee, and it selected all kinds of schools at all levels in Chongqing which had achieved outstanding results in campus culture construction since the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. A total of nearly 600 schools were recommended for the selection, and the jury was based on nearly 20 evaluation index systems such as school ethos, teaching style, studying style, moral education, school strategy, school history, celebrities of teachers and students, cultural corridors, smart campuses, guide signs, campus environment, festival celebrations, cultural and sports activities, comprehensive practice, graduation report, media reports, and social influences. According to these index systems, nearly 200 schools were field-tested in the primary selection and finally 100 schools were selected. CQUPT, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and Chongqing Mechanical and Electrical Vocational College (undergraduate) were three undergraduate level colleges selected from 10 colleges and universities.

In the course of running a school for nearly 70 years, our university has always attached importance to the construction of campus culture, adhering to the school motto of “Cultivating Morality, Being Erudite, Seeking Truth and Being Innovative” and guided by socialist core values. We will continue to strengthen the construction of the soft and hard environment of campus culture and the promotion of campus cultural atmosphere, and continue to carry out educational activities on the themes of Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture, advanced socialist culture, school history, and love for schools. In the brand activities for the construction of its campus culture, it has formed “Beautiful CQUPT” Campus Cultural Festival, Campus Culture Promotion Project, Campus Culture Achievement Award Selection as a powerful grasp. It has created innovative culture, academic culture, practical culture, festival culture and campus brand culture, so that good ideas become dominant on campus, good voices become a main tone on campus, good sceneries become a main body on campus, good atmospheres become a mainstream on the campus, and good students become a main force on campus. In 2017, it won the title of "National civilized Campus" in the first batch of colleges and universities in Chongqing; in 2018, it was awarded the title of “Advanced Collective in Propagandizing Ideological and Cultural Work in Chongqing from 2013 to 2017.”

On the eve of its 70th anniversary of the school, our university will continue to excavate its cultural connotation, promote the cultivation of students with culture, educate them with culture, and cultivate them with culture, so as to provide a deep, lasting and majestic spiritual driving force for the construction of the its “Double First-class” construction, the construction of “One Place and Two Highlands” and an Innovation Base of “Digital Industrialization and Industrial Digitization”, and to provide talent guarantee and intellectual support for the construction of network power, digital China and intelligent society.