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Research Report of Artificial Intelligence Open Source and Standardization Is Officially Released Professor Pang Yu of Our University---the Only Participating University Takes Part in Its Compiling
Time: 2019-05-06   

Recently, China Electronics Standardization Institute held an Overall National Artificial Intelligence Standardization Group Meeting in Nanjing. After the audition of an expert consultation group, The Research Report of Artificial Intelligence Open Source and Standardization, compiled by China Electronics Standardization Institute as a leader and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. as a group leader, was officially released. As an only participating university, CQUPT participated in the compiling work and presided over the writing of its second chapter by Professor Pang Yu from School  of Photoelectric Engineering.

       Established in 2017, Artificial Intelligence Open Source Writing Group gathered a number of domestic and international large enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent, Jingdong, Intel, IBM and Siemens, as well as research institutes including CQUPT and Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It took a year and a half to compile the work, aiming to provide references for makers of the government and industrial policy, enterprise business and technical decision. It can also promote the intelligent transformation of the fields in economy and society, accelerate the application of artificial intelligence technology in the whole industry, and promote the construction of artificial intelligence ecosystem and the collaborative innovation with a more open mind in industry. Next, the working group will focus on: the analysis of and research on the specific promotion direction of the distributed infrastructure in the artificial intelligence platform; the further analysis of and research on the standardization of the artificial intelligence open source framework interface and model; the analysis and research in the field of AI technology and its open source projects, including analysis of some evolving open source directions such as the possible evolution of AI chip open source; analysis of more detailed industry application cases to further guide the AI landing in enterprises.