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Don’t Forget the Inculcation and Keep It in Mind, Let the Light of Struggling Youth Shine Brighter Chen Miner, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Party Secretary of Chongqing
Time: 2019-04-30   

Chongqing Daily reports: On April 30th, 2019, Chen Miner, the Party Secretary of Chongqing, went to CQUPT to investigate and attended a symposium to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement in Chongqing. He stressed that the young people in the city should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech delivered by Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC in the 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and of the significant speech of Xi when he inspected Chongqing, that the yound people should not forget the inculcation, and bear the enthusiasm so as to carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, that the young people should be actively involved in realizing the Chinese dream, which is to achieve the goal of Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation and the grand cause of Chongqing’s reform and development, and that the young people should win the glory of the new era and make the struggling youth more shining. Ren Xuefeng, Vice Secretary of Chongqing CPC Committee, presided over the symposium, the municipal leaders Wang Fu, Qu Qian and Pan Yiqin attending the meeting.

At the symposium, the youth representatives including Huang Yuling, Zhou Qi, Hu Wanqi, Zhou Dan, Chen Wei, Tan Xuefeng spoke successively. They talked about the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and told stories about their struggles in their respective posts, having shown a good spiritual outlook and strong sense of mission, which won warm applauses.

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal People’s Government, Chen Miner first extended his sincere greetings to the youth of the city and paid high tribute to the young workers in the city. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping gave an important speech at the 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, sincerely cherished the patriotic sentiments and revolutionary spirit of the pioneers in the May Fourth Movement, highly praised the historical significance of the Movement, clearly put forward the important requirements for carrying forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement in the new era, and told contemporary youth to carry forward the spirit of the new era of the May Fourth Movement as which must be an ideological weapon and guide to action that inspires them to forge new eras, take on new roles, and demonstrate new actions. He hoped that the youth of the city should firmly and consciously take the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary as the light of the thoughts that lead the struggle of the new era, that they should be acquired to profoundly understand the historical significance and the value of the times of the May Fourth Movement, and that they should profoundly understand earnest inculcation on the healthy growth of the young people in the new era. At the same time, he urged that the young people in the city should profoundly follow the instructions delivered by the General Secretary for the youth in the new era, and that they should embrace the new era, advance into a new era, and spare no efforts to achieve the goal of Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation.

Chen Miner said that youth was the most active and energetic force in the entire social force; young people in the city must firmly grasp the theme of the times, and seek to be the pioneers and devotees of the new era; they need to be young people with ideals, skills, and responsibilities; young people must establish a lofty ideal, firmly believe in Marxism, faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, and confidence in the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, so that ideals and beliefs can be sublimated in the struggle for entrepreneurship; young people should love the great motherland, listen to the party’s words, follow the party, and dedicate their contributions to the motherland and the people; at the same time, they must shoulder the responsibility of the times, develop and fulfill their responsibilities, and strive to become fully-developed socialist builders and successors; they must be brave in their struggles, advance in the challenges, create performance in the difficult problems and serve the people with heart and soul, so as to realize their own values; in addition, they must possess skills, cherish time, study hard to master scientific knowledge, and be good at enriching experience as well as growing talents from social practices; they have to temper their morality, adhering to the moral concept, and strictly abiding by social morality, maintaining proper private morality, so as to pursue a life with higher height, more realm and taste.

Chen Miner pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping would always attach great importance to Chongqing’s development and care about Chongqing’s work and people, that recently, General Secretary visited Chongqing for giving guidance, having fully shown a high regard and a cordial care for Chongqing, that youth should be used for struggle, and the struggle of the youth is the most beautiful, so that  everyone who works, studies, and lives in Chongqing must conscientiously study and carry out General Secretary’s important indication for Chongqing’s “two-point” positioning, “two places” and “two high” goals, playing “three roles” and creating a good political ecology, and that we should learn to practice, unite the knowledge and action as one, and continue to struggle, so as to live up to the ardent expectations of the General Secretary for Chongqing.

Chen Miner emphasized that the party committees and governments and the leading cadres at all levels, and the whole society should fully trust, enthusiastically care and strictly demand the youth, and do a good job in youth work; that being youth’s intimate friends, we should go to the youth to have such a direct contact and a face-to-face communication with them to become their friends that the youth would be willing to tell truth and communicate with heart; that being enthusiastic people for youth’s work, we should focus on what young people think for their worries and wishes, and help them deal with troubles; that being a guide for the youth, we should so actively create conditions for the youth that all of them can be talent through hard work and show their talents; that the Communist Youth League Organization at all levels in the city must adhere to the leadership of the Party, keep enhancing the political nature, advancement and mass participation; and that we should take the responsibility to lead, organize and serve young people, and continuously strength their cohesion, organization and rallying point.

      Before the symposium, Chen Miner visited School History Exhibition of CQUPT and listened to the report about the university’s intelligence innovation of big data. He said that CQUPT, as the birthplace of digital communication, should strengthen discipline construction and talent cultivation around the development of the digital economy, and strive to become an innovative place to promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization. In the “Red Rock Network School” of CQUPT, Chen Miner encouraged young students to take root in Chongqing to study, work and innovate, devoting themselves to the development of Chongqing in the new era. The people who participated in the symposium included responsible comrades of relevant departments and organizations, representatives of the youth, young workers, outstanding cadres in the city and teachers and students from CQUPT.