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CQUPT Is Awarded with “Chongqing’s Advanced Collective of Employment and Entrepreneurship Work of Graduates in 2018”
Time: 2019-03-08   

On the 7th of March, Chongqing’s 2019 General College Graduates Employment and Entrepreneurship Work Conference was held in the Municipal Education Commission. The conference reported the list of Chongqing’s advanced collectives and individuals of employment and entrepreneurship work of graduates in 2018, and our university was rated as an advanced collective,  whose Li Hongbo and Yan Xiaoli were rated as advanced individuals.  

In 2018, the graduates of our university achieved another great success in employment and entrepreneurship. The quality of graduate employment and entrepreneurship was steadily improved, with its employment rate reaching 92.43%, of which postgraduates’ reached 98.44% and undergraduates’ 90.93%. Our university was awarded with “Typical Experience University in National Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.