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The English Journal DCN Sponsored by Our University Is Included in SCI
Time: 2019-04-08   

According to the information published on the official website of Analytics, the English journal Digital Clarivate Communications and Networks (hereinafter referred to as DCN) sponsored by our university has recently been included in Scientific Citation Index of the United States, which is another important academic milestone after the journal was selected as “China’s most internationally influential academic journal” ( The CI value of its international influence index had ranked top 5% of more than China’s 3,500 journals of natural science and engineering technology ) at the end of last year. DCN has become an academic journal included in SCI, which indicates that the journal has strong international influence and has achieved an important breakthrough in the development of the university journals.

      DCN is an English academic journal sponsored by our university and published in 2015. Relying on the advantages and influence of our university in the field of information science and technology, the journal closely follows the forefront of academic research, committed to reporting the latest academic research achievements in the field of information and communication.