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Face Recognition Technology Helps Students Register in the New Semester
Time: 2019-02-26   

At the beginning of the new semester, our university has deployed 8 campus self-service terminals in the new Second Teaching Building, the Third Teaching Building, the Fourth Teaching Building, the Digital Library and the School  of Economics and Management, officially opening the self-service of “face-scanning” registration for more than 20,000 undergraduates and postgraduates.

The campus self-service terminal can provide self-service registration service for students around the clock. Even if you arrive at the school at non-working time, you can still register without going to the counselor’s office to “show your face”. When you are in the library, self-study, and class, you can register through “face-scanning” by the way. The self-service terminal adopts advanced face recognition technology for identity verification, recognizing accurately and fast, and taking only 2-3 seconds to complete a registration. Through the university data center, the self-service terminal exchanges the reported data to the educational affairs online in real time to automatically complete the student registration, which effectively improves the efficiency of registration, reduces the workload of the teacher, and facilitates the registration of students.

At the same time, in the process of “face-scanning” self-service registration, the university student data service system visually displays the reported data which is updated in real time. Relevant student administrators can view the student registration details and other data according to different role rights, which is convenient for student work management.

In recent years, the school has vigorously implemented the “12365” smart campus construction project, striving to provide a cross-platform and a multi-dimensional information interaction experience for teachers and students throughout the university. With the continuous improvement of the campus self-service terminal, it will also open the self-service of printing and enquiry including student transcript, student status and graduation certification, teachers’ income and incumbency certification.