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Professor Thia Kirubarajan from McMaster University, Canada, Visits CQUPT
Time: 2018-11-20   

CQUPT News (provided by School of Automation, and edited by Ao Yongchun)On the morning of November 16, Professor Thia Kirubarajan from McMaster University, Canada visited our university and gave an academic report to our faculty and students in the Academic Hall of Shaw Building.

Professor Thia Kirubarajan gave a report entitledTracking to Learn and Learning to Trackat the conference, which included information fusion, target tracking and its application challenges in the field of smart cars and its future trends. His excellent report was well received by teachers and students.

Before the report, President Li Lin met with Professor Thia Kirubarajan and they had a deep and friendly conversation. Li Lin gave a comprehensive introduction to the history, teaching staff, talent training and international cooperation and exchange of CQUPT, hoping to strengthen our cooperation with McMaster University in the fields of scientific research, teacher exchanges and talent training, and to enhance team building and communication. Professor Thia Kirubarajan expected to further strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two sides in the future, jointly improve the level of higher education, deepen international exchanges, and build bridges for mutual learning between the two universities.

Professor Thia Kirubarajan and his team visited a networked control technology team and the automotive electronics, embedded a system team of School of Automation during their stay in our university, and expressed their affirmation on our research work in fields of industrial Internet of Things and intelligent networked vehicles. They also expressed their hope for the two universities to strengthen cooperation and promote research in the above fields.

President Li Lin meets with Professor Thia Kirubarajan from McMaster University, Canada .

Professor Thia Kirubarajan from McMaster University, Canada gives a report to our faculty and students.