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CQUPT Holds the “Postal Dream Youth—Graduation Season” Evening Party 2018
Time: 2018-05-28   

On the evening of May 25th, CQUPT held the “Postal Dream Youth—Graduation Season” Evening Party 2018 in Science and Technology Hall. 2018-year graduates from all schools and students of College Students Art Group presented a wonderful audio-visual feast to the teachers and students. You Minhui, Deputy Party Secretary of CUQPT, some teachers, students and representatives of graduates attended this party.

Started with instrumental ensemble Saxamba (《萨克斯桑巴舞》) and Charm of Western Region(《西域风情》) by a wind band of College Students Art Group, the party brought all teachers and students into a wonderful world of enthusiasm. Then School of Computer Science and Technology  forcefully read a poem Believe in the Future (《相信未来》) with music, which showed the hardworking spirit of CQUPT to face challenges in the future. In this party, students conveyed their deep gratitude to Alma mater by such art performances as singing and dancing, sketch and instrumental music playing.

In this party, School of Economics and Management presented a dancing performance Dancer (《舞娘》); School of Graduate gave a shadow play Along the Road (《一路走来》); School of Biological Information, School of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, School of Cyber Security and Information Law, School of Marxism, School of Software Engineering and International College showed with a medley of songs Choices in Youth (《青春的选择》); School of Communication and Information Engineering brought us an unique fashion show Huangjueya’s Secret (《黄桷利桠的秘密》). Besides, the crosstalk CQUPT Food (《重邮食堂》) by School of Foreign Languages and School of Science unfolded students’ love for food in CQUPT; Li Jian from School of Media and Arts performed his original song Fun Journey (《乐趣游记》); the dancing performance Youth (《芳华》) by dance ensembles of College Students Art Group gracefully told a beautiful story about the eternal youth. Traditional music orchestra of College Students Art Group and School of Automation played an ensemble Colorful Youth (《桃李报春》); Youth Is NotYoung (《青春不一Young) repeatedly enlivened the atmosphere, and Institute of Physical Education acted powerfully the Wushu combination Martial Art and Loyal Soul (《精武忠魂》).

This party ended with a song Those Years (《那些年》) by Campus Top Ten Singers Zou Jialing, Feng Yue, Wu Tong and Tang Zhiwei as well as all performers, which conveyed their nostalgia for youth in Alma mater.

After this party, You Minhui and other leaders, going onto the stage, shook hands and took photos with all the performers to congratulate the successful performance and mark the occasion.

CQUPT holds the “Postal Dream Youth—Graduation Season” Evening Party 2018 (Photo by Journalist Hu Zhen)

Wind Ensemble Saxamba (Photo by Journalist Feng Zhengze)

The 21st Campus Top Ten Singers (Photo by Journalist Ran Jinying)

You Minhui, Deputy Party Secretary of CUQPT, and other leaders take photos with all the performers (Photo by Journalist Ran Jinying)