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CQUPT Holds the Final of the 21st “CYIT Cup” Campus Top Ten Singers Competition
Time: 2018-05-20   

In order to enrich campus cultural life and promote students’ all-round development, the final of the 21st CQUPT “CYIT Cup” Campus Top Ten Singers Competition was held in the Science and Technology Hall. Leaders and distinguished guests, including You Minhui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of our university, Liu Hui, General Manager of CYIT, Zhang Xinfu, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Wen Wu, Deputy General Manager, attended and watched the competition.

To ensure the fairness and openness of this competition, music teachers from Yangtze Normal University and Chongqing Vocational College of Culture and Arts, and instructors of College Students Art Group from Chongqing Jiaotong University and Chongqing University of Education were invited to work as judges.

With “Youth Dream, New Time ”as a theme, this competition was hosted by Youth League Committee, Propaganda Department and Department of Science and Engineering of the Party Committee of CQUPT, organized by Student Union of CQUPT, and sponsored by Chongqing Chongyou Information Technology (Group) Co. Ltd. (CYIT). After more than a month’s audition and rematch, 12 outstanding contestants were selected from over 300 competitors to tonight’s final.

Zou Jialing from School of Biological Information amazed the judges and won the championship for her challenging song Away From You(《虎口脱险》); Xiang Sisi from School of Automation finished second with a classic and beautiful English song Dream It Possible, and Ni Minghui from International College scored third with a classic Russian ballad The Evening of the Moscow Outskirts (《莫斯科郊外的晚上》).

Originated in 1994, the 21st CQUPT Campus Top Ten Singers Competition as a traditional recreational activity in campus has greatly attracted and influenced the concern of teachers and students.

The 21st “CYIT Cup” Campus Top Ten Singers Competition is held in CQUPT (Photo by Reporter Ran Jinying)

The Competition Scene (Photo by Reporter Ran Jinying)


You Minhui, Deputy Party Secretary of CUQPT, Liu Hui, General Manager of CYIT, Zhang Xinfu, Party Secretary of CUQPT, Wen Wu, Vice General Manager of CYIT and other leaders take photos with guests and contestants (Photo by Reporter Ran Jinying)