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Big Data Intelligence Summit Forum 2018 Is Held in CQUPT
Time: 2018-03-31   

On March 31, “Big Data Intelligence Summit Forum 2018” & the Council Meeting of CAAI-CRSSC Standing Committee and Chongqing Artificial Intelligence Society, hosted by Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence, organized by CQUPT, National and International Demonstrative Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Big Data and Intelligent Computing, and Chongqing Key Laboratory of Computational Intelligence, and co-organized by Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery Specialized Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Chongqing Association for Artificial Intelligence, was held in our university.

At the opening ceremony, CQUPT’s President Li Lin delivered a speech, pointing out that as the current society advances from informatization to intellectualization, CQUPT as a university with the advantages of information science and technology has long been planning big data and artificial intelligence, and accelerating scientific research and personnel training in related fields. In recent years, CQUPT has undertaken 26 national scientific research projects like national key researches, and strengthened scientific research bases and platforms for big data and artificial intelligence, such as “Big Data Intelligent Computing Model National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” and “Chongqing Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center”. On February 7, 2018, CQUPT’s IFLYTEK School of Artificial Intelligence was unveiled and finished the first postgraduate re-admission. This summit forum served as an exchange and cooperation platform for experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, researchers and young students in the field of artificial intelligence. All of thoughts were met and mixed through the shared latest cutting-edge information, thus further promoting the scientific research, technological innovation, product research and development,t and industrial development of big data intelligence, and boosting wide application of big data in various fields. At the same time, Li Lin sincerely hoped that experts and scholars would concern and support science and technology innovation of CQUPT, provide valuable advices, and then work together to contribute wisdom and strength to the research and development of big data intelligent key technologies.

On behalf of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Chang Jiang Scholar, Prof. Wang Guoyin, Vice Chairman of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence and Prof. Miao Duoqian of Tongji University, Director of the Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence delivered speeches respectively, hoping that the participating experts and scholars as well as industry representatives could think and design big data intelligence to contribute to Chongqing and even to our country as well as the world.

At this forum, Prof. Hamido Fujita of Iwate Prefectural University, Editor-in-Chief of Knowledge-Based System, Prof. Zhang Shaoxiang, Director of Chongqing Association for Artificial Intelligence and Former Vice President of Third Military Medical University , Prof. Hu Qinghua, National Outstanding Youth and Vice Dean of School of Computing, Tianjin University, and Dr. Luo Xin, researcher of Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences were invited to give reports.

“The Council Meeting of Chongqing Association for Artificial Intelligence” and “The Standing Committee Meeting of Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery Specialized Committee of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence” were also held. With the focus on cutting-edge technology innovation, system research and development, industry application, industrial layout, talent training and policy support in the field of big data intelligence, the participating experts and scholars made an in-depth discussion on layout and planning of big data intelligence in the future artificial intelligence industry and government-industry-university-research- business development in big data intelligence-related fields.

Representatives from some universities and colleges across the country, scientific institutions and industries, responsible officials both from relevant departments and schools of CQUPT and from some brotherly universities and colleges, and teachers and student representatives, all of whom totals 200, attended the opening ceremony and listened to the reports.


Big Data Intelligence Summit Forum 2018 is held in CQUPT. (Photo by Reporter Tong Zhenxi)

Profs Wang Guoyin, Miao Duoqian, Hamido Fujita, Zhang Shaoxiang, and Hu Qinghua, and Researcher Luo Xin are invited to make speeches and reports. (Photo by School of Computer Science and Technology)