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CQUPT Wins 12 Chongqing Teaching Achievements Awards,Ranking First in Municipal Colleges and Universities
Time: 2018-02-05   

A few days ago, Chongqing Municipal People’s Government announced award-winning projects for 2017 Chongqing Teaching Achievement Awards. 10 of the 16 achievements recommended by our university were awarded, including 4 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 2 third prizes. It ranked first in the municipal colleges and universities with a winning rate of 62.5%. At the same time, projects jointly submitted by our university and other universities won 1 second prize and 1 third prize.


As the only city-level award established by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government in the field of higher education, Chongqing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Awards is chosen through public appraisal every four years. The major achievements CQUPT made in 2017 Chongqing Teaching Achievement Award showed the significant progress it has made in the education and teaching reform and the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents in the past five years, which will greatly promote CQUPT to continually strengthen its teaching work and deepen its educational reform


This application for Teaching Achievement Awards emphasized on top-level design and overall mobilization, and Evaluation Committee for Teaching Achievement Awards led by two major school leaders was established with experts inside and outside our university as its members. To meet the major needs of industry, CQUPT has, in recent years, made great achievements in the cultivation of ICT innovative engineering talents by collaborating pluralistic ability and multi-modal teaching, the construction of microelectronics personnel training system based on collaborative innovation, the reform of art specialty training model based on supply-side structural reform, and the exploration and construction practice of curriculum group system for big data engineering ability training. The evaluation committee carried out many rounds of consultation and repeated discussions to polish titles and grind contents of achievements, so as to highly condense, from the idea to the practice of educational and teaching reform, the achievements mentioned above.