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Opening Ceremony of China-US Cooperative Education Program of Software Engineering 2017 Is Held in CQUPT
Time: 2017-12-02   

On the afternoon of September 26th, the Opening Ceremony of China-US Cooperative Education Program of Software Engineering 2017 was held in Academic Hall of Shaw Building of our university. Guests attending the ceremony included Vice President Chen Qainbin of CQUPT, heads and teachers of International College and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Vice President Harvey Charles of State University of New York at Albany, Director Pradeep Atrey of undergraduate program, and freshmen of Software Engineering Program (cooperative education) 2017.


Vice President Chen Qianbin delivered a speech at the ceremony, saying that CQUPT has always attached great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and the implementation of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Program not only plays an important role in achieving internationalization of our university, but also serves as a major measure to import quality education resources, reform personnel training model, promote discipline development, and improve the quality of personnel training. China-US Cooperative Education Program of Software Engineering for Undergraduate Students, as the third Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Program, started in 2016 and enrolled 96 freshmen in 2017, holding 190 students in total now. Vice President Chen extended his sincere congratulations to freshmen of 2017, hoping that all the students could enjoy the quality education resources provided by the program, think more and innovate with courage, and try hard to become interdisciplinary talents that are able to deal with an international challenge


Vice President Harvey remarked that State University of New York at Albany had been one of the top three research universities among state universities of New York with a history of almost 300 years and a high academic reputation in America, and the university had given priority to cooperative education program with CQUPT by providing education resources like key courses and dispatching top teachers of School of Engineering to CQUPT. Having extended his congratulation to students of being freshmen of both universities, he expected them to adopt a correct attitude towards study, improve the ability to use English, adapt to the study life of university both in China and America, and set life goals so as to lay a solid foundation for becoming international IT talents.


Representative of foreign teachers and students of the program made speeches to share their ideas.


Vice President Harvey and his colleagues also had a discussion with International College and Working Team of Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges to exchange views on the details of how to ensure a smooth implementation of the program.



           The Opening Ceremony of US-China Cooperative Education Program of Software Engineering 2017 Is Held in CQUPT.

                                  Vice President Chen Qianbin, on behalf of CQUPT, delivers a speech at the ceremony

        Vice President Harvey Charles makes remarks.