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Students from CQUPT Win Gold Medal of the 42th ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest
Time: 2017-11-04   

The 42th ACM-ICPC Asia Qingdao Regional Contest was held in China University of Petroleum. Students from CQUPT won one gold medal and two bronze medals; the team formed by Chen Guo, Zhang Haowei and Wang Jian won the gold medal; both a team formed by Lin Jin, Lu Yun and Li Chaoyu and a team formed by Lei Hanyuan, Huang Sixiang and Liu Bo won the bronze medals.

Dating back to 1970, ACM-ICPC (English full name: ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest) was hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery, which is the oldest and most authoritative organization in the academic circle of computing. ACM-ICPC is known as the “Olympic” in the IT industry, and it is an annual competition designed to demonstrate the creative ability of college students, their team spirit, and the ability to write programs, analyze and solve problems under stress.

ACM-ICPC is one of the major international events that School of Computing organizes students to attend. The competition is open to all the students of CQUPT. Under the organization of the ACM Competition Committee from  School of Computing, a team of stable and efficient coaching staff has been formed. The competition absorbs new members in the first half of each year; they accept training every weekend and summer vacation to participate in the annual ACM-ICPC network and live contest.

                                                                Students from CQUPT win one gold medal and two bronze medals in the 42th ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest