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Students from CQUPT Win the Third Prize in the National Mobile Internet Innovation Contest 2017
Time: 2017-10-29   

On October 29, the National Mobile Internet Innovation Competition National Finals came to an end at Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Global Roadshow Center in Beijing. The AR game "Adventure of Common Sense of Life " (whose authors are Han Tingting, Luo Qiang, Zhao Liang, Peng Cheng, Dong Mingzhu and Xie Xinya) won the national third prize, and it is designed under the guidance of Mr. Qian Mo from School of Computing, who won the third prize of teaching achievements among the college teaching staff. This is the first time that teachers and students from CQUPT have won a prize in this competition.


The National Mobile Internet Innovation Contest is a national competition guided by the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Association for Science and Technology, and jointly hosted by the China Institute of Communications and the National Mobile Internet Industry Incubation Center. This contest started in March 2017 and lasted for 8 months. 139 teams selected from nearly 1,000 participating teams in major universities in China entered the final. This contest is designed to raise the awareness and ability of mass innovation and entrepreneurship, and to promote the market transformation of innovative products with "Internet plus" thinking.


This Contest has reflected the integration of cutting-edge technology and multi-field technology. There have been relevant interviews and coverage from CCTV News Channel, China Education Television and other media


                                                                                                      Students from CQUPT win the Third Prize in the National Mobile Internet Innovation Contest 2017