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CQUPT Holds the Second Board of Directors Annual Event 2017 and Summit Forum for ICT Characteristic Disciplines Development
Time: 2017-10-21   

The Second Board of Directors Annual Event 2017 and Summit Forum for ICT Characteristic Disciplines Development for was held in Shaw Science & Technology Building in the morning on October 21st.

Attendees included Academician Wu Hequan, Former Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chancellor of CQUPT and President of the Second Board of Directors; Ye Tianhua, Director of Institute of Micro-electronics Affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS); Yuan Xuewen, Director of Institute of Studies of Products in HUAWEI; Wang Jvhong, Vice President of Tencent; Tan Xiaosheng, Vice President, CTO and CPO in Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd; Gongbo, General Manager in Chongqing Telecom; Xu Shiliu, Standing Committee Member of Advisory Committee of CECT Chongqing Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.; Hu Gangyi, Vice Director of Institute 24 of CETC; Jiang Zhiwei, Vice Director of Institute 44 of CETC; Chen Yuyang, Vice General Manager in Chongqing Xiyong Microelectronics Industrial Park; Chen Yongbo, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Chongqing Green Intelligent Research Institute Affiliated to Chinese Academy of Science and its executive directors; University leaders like Li Lin, You Minhui, Lin Jinzhao, Fu Mingqiu, Xu Guanghong and Chen Qianbin; Jiang Muchen, Committee Member of Standing Committee of Changshou District and First Deputy District Chief; Chen Wei, Committee Member of Standing Committee of Hechuan District and Vice District Chief; Zhuo Dalin, Vice District Chief of Changshou District; Wu Lan, Vice Director of Higher Education of Municipal Education Commission; Chen Feng, Vice Director of High-tech Development and Industrialization of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission; Jiang Bo, Vice Director of Institute 32 of CETC; representatives from Chongqing Integrated Circuit Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. The meeting was hosted by Vice President Chen Qianbin.

The University’s president Li Lin delivered a speech, showing warm welcome and sincere thanks to all guests on behalf of all teachers and students. Li Lin said that Reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward new approaches for development such as “To Be Among the Best in Innovative Countries”, “To Be a Cyber Powerhouse” and “To Realize the Goal of Higher Education Connotative Development”. As a university with its own characteristics and advantages in information science and technology, CQUPT should grasp the opportunity in the times of national rejuvenation and development, making contributions in the realm of guiding people to make original achievements in future information technology development, and cultivating high-quality and innovative talents with solid professional knowledge, sustainable development capability and good work ethic. The opening of ICT Characteristic Disciplines Development for Summit Forum is in the critical period of the construction and development of CQUPT, especially in a key stage of planning development direction of disciplines and specialty and optimizing their structure. He believed that by pooling knowledge and strength, top-level design and strategic planning of ICT disciplines structure would be further promoted, and ICT characteristic disciplines construction level would be averaged up. Thus, professional development would be promoted, and the training quality would be improved. Taking the proposals raised by every board member last year, Li Lin also emphasized on the efforts and achievements made by the university in several aspects such as key discipline construction, deeper university-industry cooperation, cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and ability of students, and intensifying the function of cultural education.

To run school open wider to the outside world and to promote the discipline construction of microelectronics, talent training and the development of service industry, CQUPT took the lead to establish “Chongqing Integrated Circuit Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”, which was officially recognized by Chongqing Science and Technology Committee this September. At the meeting, Xu Shiliu, Lin Jinchao, Wu Lan and Chen Feng unveiled the nameplate for “Chongqing Integrated Circuit Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”.

At the meeting, Li Lin on behalf of CQUPT signed a cooperative agreement with Chongqing Telecom, Institute 32 of CECT Changshou District and Hechuan District of the People’s Government, having made sure an in-depth cooperation in the field of scientific and technological innovation, talent cultivation and teaching staff construction.

Five honored guests were invited to give theme reports at the conference. Academician Wu Hequan, Director Ye Tianchun, Vice President Yuan Xuewen, Vice President Wang Jvhong each made a brilliant speech keeping to the point like “Communication and Computing Integration From the Point of 5G”, “Integrated Circuit Technology and Industrial Development in the Intelligent Trend”, “Innovative Ideas, Mechanisms and Practical Communication in HUAWEI ”, “To Build Digital Economy Education Nascent State Based on People-Oriented and Synergic Concept” and “ICT Characteristic Disciplines Development and Network Space Security Personnel Training” respectively.



Li Lin on behalf of CQUPT signed a cooperative agreement with Chongqing Telecom, Institute 32 of CETC, the People’s Government of Changshou District, and the People’s Government of Hechuan District.


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