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【Celebrating the 19th National Congress of the CPC】International Standard ISO/IEC 21823-2 Built Under the Leadership of CQUPT Is Approved
Time: 2017-09-18   

On November 18, the International Standard New Project (NP) “ISO/IEC 21823-2 Information technology - Internet of Things (IoT) - Interoperability for Internet of Things Systems – Part 2: Network connectivity” built under the leadership of our university was officially approved. After two months of voting in ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 41, it won 87.5% of the vote, and 7 countries agreed to send staff to participate in the project.

For the requirement of interoperability for Internet of Things system, this international standard proposes an IOT network connectivity framework, which is mainly to achieve a seamless network connection among heterogeneous Internet of Things system and inside the Internet of Things system. This standard will define a reference model and a system architecture of IOT network connectivity, including the interface relationships and requirements among network entities.


This international standard project was proposed by Industrial Internet of Things and Networked Control Research Team from School of Automation of our university, with Professor Wei Min as its leader. Cooperated with China Electronics Standardization Institute, a unit responsible for the JTC 1 standard, the team has conducted repeated argumentation and preparation for the proposal of the standard project. After being strictly examined and approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Standardization Administration of China (SAC), the project was finally submitted to the Secretariat of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 41 by the SAC in May this year, and the NP vote was launched in July. The international standard voting conclusion N238 file issued by the Secretariat of ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 41 showed that China, Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea, France, Finland and other countries were in favor of this project and agreed to send experts to participate in it. Besides, the establishment of this project was approved by 14 P member countries such as Russia, Canada, Italy and Luxembourg.


The international standard Internet of Things (IOT) - Interoperability for Internet of Things Systems – Part 2: Network connectivity is the second part of the series standards of Interoperability for Internet of Things System which is being formulated by ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 41. Our university has long been involved in drafting and formulating this series of international standards, and severs as a co-editor of Internet of Things (IOT) - Interoperability for Internet of Things Systems – Part 1: Architecture (ISO/IEC 21823-1) and a convener of the Technical Working Group (TWG) of ISO/IEC JTC 1 WG10 SRG2/SRG8/SRG10 network layer technology/networking architecture/security networking architecture, which promote the formulation of relevant international standards research reports, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of this standard.


This standard is another international standard in the field of IOT built under the leadership of our university, following ISO/IEC 19637 Sensor Network Test Framework (which has been released officially). The establishment of this standard project will effectively enhance China’s voice and dominance in the formulation of IOT international standards and provide important support for the industrialization and large-scale application of the IOT.