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Campus Cultural Festival: Art Performance of Chinese and Foreign Students Is Held
Time: 2017-05-24   

CQUPT News (provided by Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and edited by Ao Yongchun) At 7 p.m. of May 21st , an art performance of Chinese and foreign students at the Fifth Campus Cultural Festival named “Wild CQUPT” was held on storm-proof playground. Vice Presidents Liu Yanbin and Chen Qianbin were present in the activity.

Chen Qianbin pointed out in his speech of the art performance that CQUPT has paid a high attention to international students by building platforms for communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign students since the recruitment of international students in 1999, which has better improved students’ intercultural communication competences and created an international atmosphere in campus.

Excellent performances like song, dance, cross-talk, musical instrument playing, and spectacular dress up were all covered in the art performance of Chinese and foreign students. The party was kicked off by a dance Hello Vietnam, in which a Vietnam girl danced gracefully in a brisk pace, showing her youth and vigor. There is strength as well as grace in the fast-paced dance Mongolian Legend by Mongolian students, in which their overflowing enthusiasm and heroic personality were embodied. Performed by Chinese and foreign students, a humorous cross-talk Learn to Speak Chinese was rewarded with a generous belly-laugh. International students expressed their gratitude and love for China and CQUPT by their original hip-hop of Diploma. A dance Living Africa was strong in beat and rich in emotion, its tremendous momentum making audiences admire the kaleidoscopic changes of African dance. The Party was crowned over and over by performances like Indonesian traditional musical instruments playing Perkusion, Pakistan folk dance Pasthun Attan Dance and Cambodian fold dance Beautiful Cambodia. It was such a brilliant party with a lot of highlights.

The party was drawn to a successful conclusion with a live performance We Are the World by international student band.

Cross-talk performed by international students (Photo by Journalist Xing Cheng)

 Art performance of Bangladeshi students (Photo by Journalist Huang Haofu)

Art performance of Indonesian students (Photo by Journalist Tong Zhenxi)

Art performance of African students (Photo by Journalist Su Bolun)

 Art performance of foreign students (Photo by Journalist Zheng Haowen)

Chorus performance of foreign students (Photo by Journalist Zhou Jianpeng)