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President Li Lin Meets Robin Baker, President of George Fox University, and His Colleagues
Time: 2017-05-22   

CQUPT News (provided by Office of International Affairs, and edited by Ao Yongchun) Dr Robin Baker, President of George Fox University (GFU) and Vice President Thomas Peng visited CQUPT on the morning of May 17. President Li Lin and Vice President Chen Qianbin met the guests. The two parties discussed cooperation on MAT and MBA programs and previous cooperation projects such as mutual visits and exchanges among teaching staff and joint training of students in a friendly and frank atmosphere. Leaders of the Office of International Affairs, School of Foreign Languages, and School of Economics and Management were present.

President Li Lin expressed his sincere welcome to President Baker for his visit, and reviewed the cooperation and exchanges between CQUPT and GFU in recent years. He said that CQUPT had always been adhering to an opening-up principle and attaching importance to international cooperation as George  Fox University was one of our major partner institutes. After we signed a cooperative agreement with GFU in May 2011, constant results were achieved by the two parties in the cooperation on the training of teachers, the cultivation of talents, the sharing of resources, scientific research, etc. GFU has prominent advantages in education administration and talents cultivation. He hoped that the two universities could deepen inter-university cooperation and continue to expand the cooperation in aspects of the training of bilingual/foreign language teachers, internationalization of teaching staff, and joint cultivation of undergraduates and postgraduates.

President Baker showed appreciation for our invitation and entertainment. He expressed great interests in a long-term cooperation and trust between the two universities. He also hoped that GFU could, through his visit, establish a stronger partnership with CQUPT and conduct deeper cooperation and exchanges in terms of teacher education and training, and joint talent cultivation.

Then, on behalf of two universities respectively, President Li Lin and President Baker renewed the Cooperation Framework Agreement between the two universities and signed an agreement regarding MAT 3+1+1 Joint Cultivation Program.

GFU is a well-known private university on the western coast of the United States, which specializes in humanities and social science studies, taking into account natural science and engineering discipline at the same time. It sets up departments of art, science and professional research academics.

President Li Lin and Vice President Chen Qianbin met Robin Baker, President of the George Fox University and his colleagues. (Photo by Journalist Zhou Jianpeng)

 Agreement on MAT 3+1+1 Joint Culitivation Program was signed between CQUPT and GFU. (Photo by Journalist Zhou Jianpeng)