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Students of CQUPT Win the Highest Award of MCM in 2017
Time: 2017-04-14   

Recently, the results of MCM 2017 have been announced and three studentsFeng Yiqing, Fu Guanyu, Liao Liucheng from School of Computer Science and Technology of CQUPT won the highest awardOutstanding Winner under the guidance of Professor Zhang Qinghua. It is not only one supreme honor our university has received in the history of MCM competition, but also the only university  of Chongqing to be granted with this award in the competition. In 2017, a mere 14 teams won awards, including such prestigious universities as University of California, Berkeley, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a wining ratio of only 0.158%.

MCM, as the only international mathematical contest in modeling, started in 1985. It is also the most significant mathematical contest in modeling throughout the world, focusing not only on the originality of problem-studying and problem-solving, but also on reasonableness of teamwork, communication, and outcomes. The contest of 2017 was conducted from January 20 to 24, 2017, attracting 8,843 teams that participated in the contest from a number of prestigious universities like Harvard University, Princeton University, West Point Military Academy, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University from such counties and regions as America, China, Britain, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and Singapore. Our university sent 50 teams to attend the MCM in 2017, having gained 1 Outstanding Winner, 5 Meritorious Winners, 28 Honorable Mentions, outpacing other Chongqing’s universities in terms of the award-wining level and ratio.

Mathematical contest in modeling serves as one of the largest-scale academic competitions of our university. In order to conduct the competition better, CQUPT has specifically worked on five aspects and achieved good results, having set a good example all over Chongqing and even the whole country. Firstly, we have worked on the Top-Down Design: Working Implementation Plan of Students’ Scientific and Technological Cultural Innovation Activities of CQUPT and The Implementing Plan of Deepening Education Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of CQUPT, introduced successively to enhance the construction of our university’s innovation system; secondly, we have combined courses with the competition: having combined higher mathematics with the mathematical contest in modeling, and mobilized teachers and students to participate in it to enlarge the range of participation; thirdly, we have strengthened the guidance based on different level and classification: having highlighted the key issues. and built a team with four level competitionsMCM, CUMCM, Municipal MCM, University-level MCM; fourthly, we have enhanced the construction of teachers: having built stable instructing team of mathematical modeling based on the teaching team; fifthly, we have made great efforts in investment and safeguards: having established platform for mathematical experiment, and implemented teachers’ guidance and incentives.