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Principal Nie Neng was retained by Chongqing Municipal Government as the decision-making consultant ...
Time: 2010-10-11   

Retained by Chongqing Municipal Government as the decision-making consultant for the 2nd session, principal of CQUPT Nie Neng was handed over the appointment letter by Wang Hongju, Mayor of Chongqing, on the afternoon of June 6th, 2006.

Since retained as one of the decision-making consultants for the 1st session in September, 2004, Mr. Nie Neng had played a significant part in making scientific and democratic policies for the government. According to Regulations of Decision-making Consulting Committee of Chongqing Municipal Government, the first committee had completed its first term.

The consulting committee of the 2nd session consists of 24 members respectively from universities, institutes and other fields like social science, cultural education as well as law.

The duty of this consulting committee covers the following six aspects: 1) consult about and justify the critical strategies by the government in constructing an economic environment; 2) consult about and justify particular projects in dealing with the importance and crisis of economic reform; 3) consult about and justify the annual Government Work Report; 4) consult for mayor and deputy mayor about routines; 5) take charge of particular research and investigation projects; 6) make suggestions and proposals for the government.